Why are people so eager to defend masturbation, claiming it as a harmless, purely beneficial behavior?

First, I must elaborate on a few points before I clarify this question:

1. Before the atheists out there accuse me of being a narrow-minded, puritanical, judgmental Christian for asking such a question, I am not a Christian. I don't believe masturbation is bad simply because it's a "sinful" act of lust. That would be absurd.

2. I am referring to masturbation to ejaculation. Edging doesn't count.

3. People on this website believe that everyone masturbates. While I agree that everyone has probably masturbated at least once in his/her life, I disagree that everyone does so on a routine basis. According to some people on this website, i.e. this link: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=201206... the average is "1-2" times a day.

4. Some people, including myself, feel tired, unmotivated, drowsy, lethargic, have difficulty concentrating, and reduced short-term memory for a day or two after ejaculating. Just because you've never had this experience doesn't mean you can just generalize ejaculating as a completely harmless action.

Okay, now on to the question:

Many people seem so sure of the fact that masturbating to ejaculation is a perfectly natural way to relieve stress, and it also has no negative side effects. While I agree with the former, I disagree with the latter. Obviously, ejaculating causes something to happen in the brain, otherwise how would we feel pleasure from doing it?

People often claim that any perceived decrease in concentration, memory, and motivation is simply a psychological effect caused by guilt. But this implies that "it's all in your head" and thus purely imaginary. However, as Dumbledore said, "Of course it's happening inside your head Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real." Yes, I know the context is off, but the point is nevertheless true: why should our self-perceptions of memory, consciousness, and focus be any less real just because they're intangible? There are still action potentials, neurotransmitters, and synaptic connections in the brain being made constantly as a result of environmental influences, chemical intake, and, of course, the act of thinking. So if I am aware of my concentration and short-term memory being worse, then they actually are, at least for a day or so until they revert back to what is "normal" for me. It isn't "all" in my head (though it is happening in my brain), it really is happening--it just isn't perceivable through any of the 5 senses.

So now we've established that masturbating to ejaculation can cause temporary negative side effects in the brain. Well, isn't the brain the most important organ of the body? And if someone experiences these effects after each ejaculation yet masturbates to ejaculation every day, a temporary effect can become quite harmful.

On a personal note, when I asked why I experienced these effects, a few yahoo answerers rudely insulted me by telling me something was wrong with my body and that I should go see a doctor, implying that somehow my experiences were bizarre and unusual, limited to my freakishness, when in reality, I know quite a few people who have also experienced the same thing.

Are there any of you who have experienced some of the negative side effects of masturbating? If so, how did you deal with it? Did you quit cold turkey, or did you decrease your frequency of masturbating to once a month? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.


@Asky: No, I am not in the minority. How do you know that you're the one who isn't in the minority--a very "vocal" minority, I might add. Just google "masturbation ruining my life" and you will find HUNDREDS--no, THOUSANDS of results coming up with people who've experienced its negative effects. This website alone has hundreds of testimonies of guys who were nearly driven to suicide through masturbating http://www.anael.org/english/masturbation/testimon...

No offense, but girls don't experience the same exact effects from their masturbating to orgasm as guys. This is observable from how guys tend to fall asleep immediately following sex. According to http://scienceline.org/2006/09/ask-wenner-sex/, prolactin cause men to feel sleepy upon ejaculation.

Update 2:

Sorry, bad link above. Here it is again: http://www.anael.org/english/masturbation/testimon...

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    Masturbation has a serious side effect on the mind itself in terms of mental function. To trick your brain into thinking it's having sexual intercourse is not a good idea especially if you're watching porn and then you're really messing with your psych. It can mess with your mood, causing mood swings and it can become addicting.

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      hav mastabated for 10 months but some I dose during the day every time I sit in Car,is this also an effect of mastabation,The other thing I want 2 quite this habbit.wats ur best view

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    Just because you're experiencing something doesn't mean it's common or normal. YOU personally feel lethargic after ejaculation. I'm willing to bet that you're in a serious minority. Otherwise, the general rule wouldn't be that it was relaxing or stress releiving, obviously. If more people felt the way you'd feel, then the common consensus would be to not masturbate, again - obviously.

    Me personally, no I don't feel that way after climaxing (I'm a girl). I rarely masturbate though, just because it's not really my thing and I have a boyfriend who I sleep with on a regular basis. Even when we're apart, I just don't like the feeling of doing it by myself... it's got a creep factor in some ways. Not that I never do it - just that I don't do it often like 1-2 times a day. My boyfriend probably does it like 3 times a day, lol - whether we have sex or not. But I have a close guy friend who says he hardly ever does it and that it creeps him out because it's like perverted to be playing with yourself and consciously realizing what you're doing. Hehehe... DIFFERENT STROKES! For different folks ;-) Seems to fit well here.

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