How much stress is too much during pregnancy?

I am just over 4 mos pregnant and have had about a couple of bad fights with my man involving screaming and hysterical crying. I have also cried on my own a few times. How much emotional stress is too much? Could just a few fights make a difference and hurt my baby? Can anyone speak from experience? Other than the few fights, I have been relaxing quite a bit as I currently do not work. Thank you so much.

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    What's done is done. Whatever your stress levels were during the fights have changed. It's over with and the best thing you can do for your Baby and yourself is look forward.

    Worrying about what has gone won't do any good. Focus on what you do want. Work to prevent future arguments and stress.

    Baby's are resilient as everyone has said, pregnancy is always a stressful time. It's built into us from millions of years of evolution, so many Babies have been through far worse and come out the other side.

    From personal experience, my first Daughter's pregnancy was stressful with many fights. The pregnancy was induced, which didn't work and she was then rushed in for an emergency Cesarean as she was in distress. She's now 9 and in perfect physical and emotional health.

    But generally speaking how much stress is too much? Any. It's a waste of your time and you deserve better. See this link for a fuller answer;

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    Hi! im 6 months pregnant and belive me with our hormones its bound to get messy!! sometimes im like a mad woman!! Baby will be fine, trust me, they are really tough. Just try not to stress to much it could make your blood pressure go up which isnt good. Take care x

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    for a while i had a lot of stress and my baby is doing just fine.. but try to keep it down, cause although it doesn't necessarily harm your baby it very well could

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