Why do atheists constantly bash God but they are suspiciously silent on Satan?

Why do atheists hate God and Bash God and really are angry at God but you never hear them bash Satan? Is it because it's rude to bash one's father?


This man is asking atheists the question I thought it was a good topic see below


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Why don't atheists bash Satan but they bash God?

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  • R. C.
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    8 years ago
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    That is a funny question, and could be true to an extent. Satan prides himself from being hidden from open attack. I believe this is because WHOEVER, atheist or believer, opens their eyes to recognize anything that's around them will see Satan's presence. It's said, "Satan is in the symbols." This is true. His representation is all over the place, for those who choose to see. Those who do not, just see another symbol, or sign, that may be colorful, but the meaning is not part of their awareness.

    In business, movies, music, media etc. When their are symbols which can have a satanic meaning, you can be sure that they were planned and drawn for that intent. In other words. They don't make mistakes, or "oops" our logo could be seen as evil...how could we ever make such an error. If you ever hear an elite trying to discount the importance or the logo symbolism, and you buy their explanation, then in the dictionary, next to "stupidity" needs to be your picture. That'd be similar to going up to a man, wearing a mask, holding bank bags of cash, and asking him if he saw anything suspicious... and believing him when he says, "no, but I'll let you know if I think of anything." No different, other than Satan isn't wearing a mask.

  • Cjmjm2
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    8 years ago

    I find it to be more common that christians bash atheists and judge them for not having the same beliefs as they do.

    And Atheists don't believe in Satan either. It is just that god is more talked about than Satan. Also Atheist aren't Satan worshipers. It is hard to worship something that they don't believe exists, don't you think?

    Source(s): Christian who doesn't push beleifs on or judge others for their beliefs
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    (excuse me....I had to pick myself up from the floor after I feel over laughing)

    Listen, sonny....get this straight...I do not bash God; I do not bash Satan; and I am not a Satanist! I don't bash things I don't believe exists - if I did, I'd be doing nothing but bashing all day. I'm sure this is what you would like to believe - I always find it interesting that people like you are consistently unoriginal - every day the same tired questions to atheists. Why can't you just live your life and be happy in your faith and leave us the hell alone!

    @everard: You are so cool! I always look forward to your answers.

  • 8 years ago

    Maybe it's because Satan has killed less than 20 people while God has killed in the millions? And there are people constant praising that God is a deity of love and he'll be there for you. They also bash us atheists and threaten us with Hell.

    However, I don't believe in either God nor Satan.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Because most people worship god, so that's what I target, now if I met some one who actually worshiped satan I'd target satan, I mean like, no one is claiming satan created the world and all of us, so I have no reason to target satan.

  • 1. We aren't. That would be like bashing santa claus for you. We don't bash something we don't believe in, we bash the people who swear their lives to imaginary beings, especially when they use imaginary friends to justify things like genocide, war, cruelty, etc.

    2. In the bible, God kills over 300 millon people. He tortures many and demands the most disgusting acts imaginable. Satan's only crime is encouraging people to think for themselves and find new sources of knowledge. If I had to believe in religion, I would be a satanist, as the devil of the bible is a far better person than the god of the bible. But not believing in either, I don't really care.

  • 8 years ago

    Silly categorizations...I do not hate your God, have never bashed Him and am not at all angry at Him. I have zero angst towards Him or those who believe in Him. I would find it hard to "bad mouth" something I find unbelievable...I simply do not share the same opinion. And your wrong...if I beliveed in Satan, I WOULD bash him since he represents evil...God does not.

  • 8 years ago

    I'm not angry at god. If he existed, he's an asshole and has a lot of explaining to do. In comparison to god in the bible, god has killed (EXPLICITLY MENTIONED. No estimates) over 2,000,000 people. Satan has killed (same criteria) 10. Now, if we add in the flood and nonspecific wars and exodus, etc. God: over 24,000,000 Satan: 60. Yeahh.. Between the two, I kind of like Satan more.....

    Source(s): Bible.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I do not bash any actual gods...I bash DEPICTIONS of god found in BOOKS.

    You know, like the bible god, a stinking baby murdering dictator suffering from a whole host of emotional problems.

    Satan is not the main fictional character in the bible, the baby killer is.

    Egypt's first born, Amalikites, Flood, She bears sent to murder 42 children.

    Worship a baby killer? Seriously? LOL

  • 8 years ago

    Not angry at a concept. The God concept has just killed more people than Satan.

    Both of them are false gods.

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