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Ok ive been askiong questions about youtube and everyone is having different answers and not supporting them..

can anyone answer my questions


1. if a band posts a youtube music video of themselves on youtube is it against copyright rules

2, is it illegal to dowbload youtube videos to ur ipod

3. is it against copyright rules to have a youtube video with a singer`s or bands music in the background?

4. If a singers youtube music video is o RCA or Hollywood record youtube thing is it against copyright rules?

These r 4 different questions plz answer them


For number 4 .........

Like lets say RCA or Hollywood records decides to sell a band`s or singer`s cds and they put a music video of them on youtube is that against the copyright rules

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    1. No, they own it

    2. Yes

    3. Yes, but they aren't really strict on that rule

    4. No, they own the rights

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    1 no cos if the band is unsigned there is no official copyright if htey are signed it could get fuzzy tho

    2 i doubt it the system is in place there for u can do it BUT if you distribute the music on your comp or even "give to your mates' technically it is illegal but that is all not enforced

    3 no but again it depends you say copy right if you are a band you have a specific agreement about what you can and can't do so it depends if you are an unsiged ban d u can do what you want

    4 very probably it is owned by someone else but in practise only becomes a problem if enough people prefer the new version to the original then you are in sh...

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    ha nothings illegal like that. no one is gonna die or whatever if you do that. It's not like the F.B.I are gonna bust open your door and arrest you for watching a video you saw on the internet on your ipod.

    Something people would care about is if you ran through the street naked with a gun shooting stuff. Now THAT is something you should not do.

    Hope it helps

    and remember, Stay Sexy!

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    I don't think any of these are illegal. But just to be on the safe side u might want to check their guidelines.

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    you asked me to answer ur question but im not sure about the answers. i think you should check their rules and guidelines. i hope u can get ur answers from there. sorry that im not sure. : ]

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    3.possibly yes, most likely to be illegal clue what so ever

    Source(s): If the video is on youtube and hasn't been taken down yet, then it is most likely legal for viewing and not violating any copyright laws, therefore you SHOULD be able to download the video or do whatever you please with the video without facing any disciplinary action.
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  • 1 decade ago

    hey, thanks for answering my Q, but sorry i dont know the answer to any of yours =S .. im more of an un-involved youtube user lol x

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think there all legal!

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