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Im a 13 year old boy and my nipples look kinda weird. and they have some scabs on them?

Caould I have breast cancer?Or herpes or some combo of tha 2?

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    You don't have breast cancer or herpes I'm eleven and I have had it before it means your body is developing it means your nipples are getting bigger and darker but warning don't go in a pool or any water cause they will sting and hurt for a long time and try not to touch them

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    I shouldn't worry about the scabs at all. It is not breat cancer and certainly not herpes.

    If they do become sore you may think about applying a moisturising cream to them and using band aids. Be sure to keep them clean and if the problem persists for a long period of time or any prolonged pain then go and see a doctor.

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    You are evolving into a man.

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