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surely it's fascism to put restrictions on wearing a bullet-proof vest?

aren't we allowed to protect ourselves?

if u live in an inner city ghetto and are afraid of getting shot, and want to wear a bullet-proof vest, then what's the problem?

and all the "move out if u don't like the area" remarks are just patronising and unrealistic - not everyone can do that and it's their choice and right if they don't want to.

the thought that it's more important to shoot somebody dead if they commit a crime than it is for somebody to protect their life disgusts me.


SnackJohn, I don't know if it is or not, but the creeping fascist state certainly isn't.

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    In the US - you can purchase body armor, unless you have been convicted of a felony.

    By the way - it isn't always "bullet proof." There is ammunition that will pierce body armor.

    Source(s): Me, retired Police Officer
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    as someone said in the last question you posted. its not illegal to wear 1 unless you are committing a crime while wearing 1. dude trust me i lived in the ghetto my whole life and still live in the ghetto. i never needed a bullet resistant vest yet and i have seen some shootings go down.

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    You are misinformed. It is not illegal to wear body armor.

    You are further misinformed on fascism. That is a form of government where a single person has complete control, it has nothing to do with your question.

    Source(s): 16 years law enforcement
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    Who said that you can't wear one?

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    What in the world are you talking about? Link or reference please.

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    but really? is kevlar fashionable?

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