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could he like me? would it ever work out?

ok well first of all my friend and i are both 14. her older brother's 16. i've only met him twice, and from what i know of him he seems really nice and kind of shy. which is good for me because i'm kind of shy too.

today my group went to see the time traveler's wife and her brother picked my friend and i up afterwards. when we got to my house he immediately got out of the car and opened the door for me, and when i hopped out i stumbled a little (seriously it's sad how klutzy i am) and he caught my hand and held it for a few seconds afterwards. my friend looked at him kind of weirdly and he just mumbled "the door's kind of hard to open" and blushed and went back in the car. am i reading way too far into this? i just don't really get guys sorry

ok my Q is do u think he might like me and also would it be just too awkward to go out w/ my friend's older brother? should i ask my friend if he likes me or would that be too weird? also is the age difference too big?

thanks for answering and have a good night :)

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    Its super duper sweet, and amazingly nice, but (i'm sooo cupid) from all the experiences that me and all my friends have had, i think ur reading into it a bit. a good friend of mine was like that, only 15 vs. 17 and its wasn't good. they tried it, but its too hard. at least, this young it is.

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