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How many out there think ADWORDS quality score is bogus and all that really matters is WHAT YOU SET MAX CPC!!?

How many of you out there think (know) ADWORDS "quality score" is just a SHAM and all that really matters to them (what gets your ad at the TOP of page) is WHAT YOU SET MAX CPC?!!

Ask yourself, Do you really think they'd put an add at the "featured" position because you wrote an ad that's "most relevant" (sounds good I know)...OR...would you agree that even a cr*ppy ad with low "quality score" BUT HIGHER MAX CPC (eg you bid $2 higher than you need to) will get you the TOP position. :)


DEAR JAKE (you a google man?)--

Your answer is PRECISELY the same "google mantra" we already know and expect :) I know their "position" (no pun intended). That's their "line". So we're looking for real users opinions on why that's OBVIOUSLY wrong. No one "scans the page from top to bottom", hehe, as they pretend, and then magically clicks on the bottom ads. We KNOW what Google is doing (and I think the government will know too--Is that Antitrust lawsuit over yet or would this be another one re unfair practices?). Among other problems, there's PLENTY of space along the right margin that's now EMPTY, lol when they MOVED some ads to the BOTTOM!! Right??? So Google is putting ads that WOULD OTHERWISE be VISIBLE and hiding them at the bottom so that you feel the "URGE" to have to pay MORE than you would OTHERWISE have had to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rigggggght?? :) Pay more to be SEEN, not just to be "

Update 2:

...that's "Pay more to ACTUALLY JUST (!) BE SEEN by the potential customer" (before he clicks any of the 15-20 links before yours!!!!!! WTF???) ...and not "Pay more to have a better position than your competitors" (top vs side)---TOTAL JOKE. Hmmmmm. SOMETHING's FISHY, and I hope the government WAKES UP and sees that NONE of this can be good for the economy and is BAD for competition, and is, most likely, illegal, and at best, a total disservice to surfers.


Try and find anywhere a GOOD or REAL reason why ads at the bottom of the page are a "good" thing for you OR the public. Who's it good for? It's good for anyone who's on the RECEIVING end of bids you OVERpay for JUST to get seen (NOTICE: it's no longer about being seen "a little quicker" than the competitor's adwords's about being seen OR NOT BEING SEEN AT ALL). In summary, "Quality Score&q

Update 3:

In summary, "Quality Score" is a SHAM (in my opinion--what's yours?). All those fancy formulas about CTR, quality score and the like are just a SHELLGAME to keep your mind and eye off the other hand they've got on your wallet. DON'T BE FOOLED: It's not about quality score. It's just about your "maxCPC". Set it high, and they'll put you on top (even if you're selling cr*p that has nothing to do with the keyword...that's relevant their wallet lol, as long as you're overpaying PER CLICK. IMO, it's ALL A BIG LIE: they don't care about the "relevance" of your ad ("making a better search engine" type nonsense). The whole thing is all about ensuring you know A LITTLE (a lot!!) LESS THAN YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW in order to INTELLIGENTLY and ACCURATELY place your bid SO THAT you OVERbid...and what happens when you &/or your competitors OVERbid??? I'll tell you what happens: EVERYONE's maxCPC skyro

Update 4:

...skyrockets, and no one benefits except Google. "IMO" Adwords, and now their latest "bottom"-placed ads (still going for a year???) is the BIGGEST CON in the history of man. Everyone's a sucker. Imagine if everyone stepped up. What can we do? To me it's no different than the MAFIA controlling the (internet) streets.

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  • Jake
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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    I believe bids are one quality score factor, they make user experience a high priority, I have to believe quality score is real. I thought quality score mainly effected your relative bid cost and not directly position. I have seen reports suggesting those big name companies always in #1 position may be paying less than #5 because they have a high quality score.

    The great purge of thousands of advertisers included big users spending thousands a day, but were judged to be selling the wrong things to their users.

  • 7 years ago

    It is real for some extent

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