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What are some good stores to buy fabric for making cloth period menstrual pads?

I want to make and sell cloth menstrual pads, but am looking for good stores, online or otherwise where I can find organic fabrics at an affordable price.


If you think the idea of cloth menstrual pads is disgusting, please do not answer.

As for being sanitary or not, that is up to people who use them. My question was about fabric not about whether or not people should use cloth pads.

Please answer the what the question was about and spare me your rude remarks that are based only on your opinion.

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    I'd reccomend bamboo fiber from trader joe's combined with a light dusting in kosher salt then washing. The salt kills all the viruses and bacteria so you can even re-use them if you don't mind the mess without washing!

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    I don't know about that....not very sanitary...most women would want something they could just dispose of when it comes to that. They use to use cloth menstrual pads in the old days...why go backwards?

  • No fabrics are really that good for menstrual pads; however, sheet metal and sandpaper pads are reported to work very well!

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    thats absolutly disgusting and vulgar cloth pads what u do wash em gross i find regular pads gross just use tampons

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