Does it mean I'm gay if I watch shemale porn?

Sorry for using the term 'shemale', as I know alot of the people here find it offensive. But I don't know the proper term you prefer. Anyway, do you think it makes a man gay? If it matters, I'm only turned on by ones that are just as feminine as a real woman.

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    10 years ago
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    No, it doesn't make you gay. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay. Transsexuals are women, although they weren't born that way. They live as women, identify as women, and are usually seen as women. So you're attracted to women.

    You are also attracted to *****, perhaps because you find vaginas repulsive or intimidating. Or simply because you associate sex with dick, because you have one and like it a lot. After all, guys look at porn just as often for the **** and *** more than the vaginas. And women can be attracted to abs and big arms more than penises. So, it's not like you're looking at things that straight men aren't attracted to.

    Yeah, and the "shemale" and "real woman" comments come off as really ignorant, or just oblivious. There's no such thing as "real women", which is why transsexuals easily pass as women or men, and straight men can be attracted to MtF transsexuals. As long as you adopt gender traits and appearances, that's all it takes to be perceived as male or female.

    If anything, it seems like you're drawn towards objectification of transsexuals, maybe out of some sort of magnetism towards what you think is "freaky" or "extreme". Do you watch a lot of porn? It's fairly common for people who are addicted to porn or watch too much to escalate to more and more extreme and niche porn to get their "fix", because mundane hardcore porn isn't interesting anymore.

    Since your attitudes towards transsexuals aren't positive (from the "shemale" and "real woman" comments), I'd recommend taking a break from pornography. It's only aiding your tendency to objectify the people you rub one off to, without teaching you anything about tolerance (even though you admit, and obviously know, that the terms you are using are offensive).

    And the proper "terms", by the way, are women. Or transsexuals. Or MtF transsexuals.

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    No you're not. I am gay myself and I don't like "shemale" porn. It's just the type that you like. For example, I don't like fetish and bi porn as well. You're probably bi if you're just looking at the penis, however. I figured out that I only look at the man when I watch straight porn, and then get mad because the camera just centers the woman.

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    It's not gay. There are a lot of people like you, and it seems most likely to be some form of mixed sexual orientation.

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    Gay is such a black and white term when you use it like that. If you enjoy that genre of porn, does it make you exclusively homosexual, what gay is? Uh...... NO! However, it would definitely suggest that you are at the very least bi-curious.

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    It just means that you need a stronger "fix". Like if you use weak drugs, and after a while they do nothing for you any more, so you move on to heroin.

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    No, but you are a transphobe & ignorant. The women in those movies are the same as "real women." They have to do those movies to pay for their transition. It doesn't make you gay, it makes you straight.

    Learn & don't be so offensive.

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