How expensive are green peridots (in relation to diamonds)?

Are peridot gemstones (the green ones) very expensive? What's a ballpark price range, or a Web site I can visit for accurate information? And is a good peridot more or less expensive than a good diamond, if I want it for a ring?

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  • lb2k
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    Peridots are very affordable gems. The price depends on their quality (color/cut/clarity) as well as their size. If you are looking for a ring size Peridot, you're probably looking at stones of about 1ct to 10cts. Here is the price range (USD/ct) for Peridot stones of this size as listed in the Spring/Summer 2006 Guide *:-


    Commercial 3-16

    Good 16-30

    Fine 30-60

    Extra Fine 60-85


    Commercial 8-24

    Good 24-65

    Fine 65-100

    Extra Fine 100-150

    Unless you have been trained to grade stones, it will be difficult for you to be able to tell apart a good stone from an extra fine stone. My advice would be to see a trusted gem dealer or jeweler. In general, look for clean stones that are well proportioned with a good finish. Pure green is ideal ("summer grass green"), followed by Yellowish green and then last on the scale, Greenish yellow.

    Do be careful with a Peridot ring. Peridots are not very hard (6.5 on the MOH's hardness scale vs 10 for Diamond and 9 for Ruby & Sapphire), can be a tad brittle and susceptible to acids (creams, hair products).

    * The Guide publishes wholesale gem prices in the US. Check for subscripions and more information.

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  • rialmo
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    3 years ago

    Peridot Stone Value

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Peridot is fairly inexpensive, most likely much much cheaper than a green diamond. I have a peridot necklace that I got for maybe $30. And it was real, don't worry ;]

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  • Emily
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    4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Peridots are extremely cheap. They are not even semi-precious.

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