Intelligent Design & Vestigial Organs?

Topic :-Vestigial organs not necessarily proof of evolution for Darwin

I would postulate that it is possible to have a vestigial organ [ananatomical structure in organisms in a species, thought to have lost its original function through evolution] without the process of evolution. Let me illustrate this idea using an analogy drawn from popular computer software.

Assuming, I have a reasonable amount of storage space on my computer hard disk, if I first create an unformatted document using Microsoft(MS) Word, and then a second MS Word document that I format very rigorously, I do so because I consider MS Word software to be the best option for my purposes, as opposed to using, say, the less sophisticated Notepad software, where little formatting of documentsis possible.

Now, if you argue that there is a vestigial structure to the first MSWord document (the capacity - in this case, unused - for formatting)and that this only became functional in the second document,ultimately concluding that the first document evolved from the second document, you would be incorrect, since I am the creator of both documents.

Similarly, I would argue that vestigial organs do not necessarily confirm evolution; they only point to what tools - improvable overtime - the creator used while making the species. This same principle is seen even in electronic gadgets today.

Most probably, such an explanation did not occur to Darwin given that, in his time, there were no common tools to carry out varied, complex,seemingly disconnected jobs. So he concluded that unless a creator planned to mislead us, vestigial organs should not have existed

It is tendency of creators of to make some useful common tools, which can be used to carry out multiple jobs (or to make machines). so by virtue of this comman tools (if tools get fitted into machines), vestigenesity will come up.

Vestigial organs can be classified in to verticle & tranverse ones

Verticle ones are like appendix which are inherited from ancestor to next species

Tranverse one are in which one sex has fuctional capacity & in opposite sex it is vestigineous


Vertiginous Male breast can be better explained tools of intelligent design than Darwin evolution now look at male nipple which are functional in female. Male & female have come much before mammals, so presence of male nipple in mammals can be explained by theory of tools of intelligent design better than Darwin evolution.

Update 2:

Why there is no perfect making from intelligent designer?

It is unwise jump to conclusion that intelligent designer has to make things with perfection he makes things as per his wish, with his requirement, (like, life for humans for 100years)

Why there are support systems in living beings? & it is foolish have them.

Now regarding support system when we consider that we make good intelligent soft ware programmes, there are viruses which can attack them, for that we have (support system) antivirus Now don’t call software programmers foolish

Common embryogenesis?

Male nipple points towards common embryogenesis i.e. common tools which I am mentioning

Who created the creator?

Now, answer for creation creator. It is like asking what was there before big bang, Stephan Hawking will answer you that time began then & there no time before this event or even if it was, it has no effect on us. Answer for who created creator, will come from birth of universe.

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    So, I would assume that you might be saying that God is making a new improved version every few generations. It is clear from the fossil record species have been changing for about 3.5 billion years. I am absolutely convinced that there is a higher being because of personal experience and probably a soul. It is easier for me to believe that is a separate subject and where religion makes more sense. Religion can deal with the soul but we are physically linked to all life on Earth. There is overwhelming evidence that the physical link started billions of years ago and all life, including us, are related by descending from these early bacteria through evolution.

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    You bring up a strong argument

    However, the presence of vestigial organs can be used by scientists to trace the evolutionary history of organisms, especially whales. The vestigial hindlimbs of modern whales provide anatomical evidence for thier evolution from a carniverous, four footed terrestrial ancestor. The oldest known whale, Pakicetus, from the early Eocene (about 54mya) still had four limbs. By the late Eocene (approx 40mya) whales were fullymarine and had lost almost all traces of thier former terrestrial life. Therefore, the vestigial hindlimb in the whale is evidence of the evolution of the whale from a terrestrial organism. This is proof of Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

    Vestigial organs found in male humans, because they were once female up to a point when thier sex was determined when they were still an embryo. Therefore,all that was missing was the reproductive organs to determine sex, but the rest of the body developed. These organs/structures with no apparent use any more are used in classification of a species

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  • Labsci
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    Why don't men have other organs which are present in women, but serving no purpose? Like fallopian tubes, ovaries etc. Why don't both sexes have duplicate male and female organs, but in one sex they are vestigial, like nipples in men? Let me tell you why. Because the ovaries and fallopian tubes start to develop in men as testes and vas deferens, when the influence of the Y chromosome kicks in after they have started to form in the foetus. It also stops the nipples developing into lactatable breasts. That is why men have vestigial nipples. It is not a proof for or against a creator or evolution. But considering that vestigial nipples are seen in every other male mammal it strongly suggests a relationship between humans and them, doesn't it? Why stop at humans? Why not explain the similarities between all mammals on Earth using creation? Lets talk about DNA. Where is the need to have DNA that is about 98% the same as a chimpanzee. Why do we share some DNA sequences with mosquitoes?

    Use you computer analogies for that one.

    You are right in one aspect, the appendix is inherited from our ancestors, those that ate grass.

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    Regarding male nipples! It has nothing to do with evolution becouse the whole body is formed with all its organs in place. It is probably only the Sex that is determined later than the formation of nipples. Determination of sex than blocks certain processes and activate others as per requirements of diffrent sexes.

    Presence of vestigial organs also suggest that there is only one creator who created all living beings.


    ...may be proved in both ways. Not even foolish person can take decision to create somthing without creating its proper system to support it. Creation of supporting system makes one feel as if things have systematically evolved at their own. The rockets and sattellites being launched into space would seem to have evolved by themselves to an alien.

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    -The appendix isn't necessary. It's functions in appendectomy patients are taken over completely by the cecum. The only difference is that the cecum doesn't have the same risk of rupturing. Appendectomy patients have never, ever been found to have an immunodeficiency, so it can't be said that the appendix plays any sort of important immune role. -It isn't that we don't have a use for the coccyx. It has to do with how it's set up--three fused bones that in any other animal would be considered bones of the tail. Evolution can explain why it would look like that. Creationism can only say "God did it." -The little toe isn't necessary for anything. I happen to know a friend of the family who lost one of his little toes due to an accident at work. Once the rest of his foot healed, he never had a problem with walking, balance, or running. He has complete bodily function, even without his toe. His genes still carry the code for little toes, but he does just fine without one.

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  • I clearly remember you had asked this question earlier also. I answered it.

    There are two documents in your version 1)the unformatted word document and 2)the formatted word document.

    You can never have a male document, and a female document to get a small document which grows in size to become male or female adult document.

    Your comparison ends here.

    If you duplicate the unformatted document ,triplicate it,quadruplicate and produce million copies of it you will never get a single copy of a formatted document.

    In the same way you can have million copies of formatted document but not one of them will be unformatted.

    And your logic ends here.

    Homo sapiens is evolving to become Homo genius. And God is guiding this evolution.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No intelligent designer would have given us an appendix; its proclivity to become inflamed suggests that the part is defective. Its primary purpose in today's humanity appears to be to provide a steady stream of income for abdominal surgeons

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The flaw in your argumentation is: You use "word", because you cannot do better.

    But if you are almighty, why shouldn't you do better? And why should you even use tools, that simply contradicts your almightiness.

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  • Sounds good to me, just one thing, who designed the designer who designed the designer who..... who designed humans?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    And your expermintal justification for this bizarre act of doublethink is...?

    Ah, sorry, its blind faith in a 2,000 year old book of fairy stories.

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