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I was thinking of bidding on a Ruby on eBay, they are selling it as pinkish-red, I thought Rubys were only red

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    Rubies are Red Corundum. They belong to the same family as Sapphires. Most people think of Ruby as Red and Sapphire as Blue. What a pleasant surpirse they receive when they find out that Sapphires come in orange, purple, green, black, yellow etc and Rubies come in a myriad of Red shades like pure red, orangey red, pinkish red, brownish red etc. Nature's factory is fun & quirky!

    To a color scientist, there is no Pink. Technically, Pink is Red at a lower saturation. Using this logic, there should be no distinction between Ruby & Pink Sapphire. Think about Blue. We don't have a special name for light Blue Sapphires.

    However, the market reality is that we do make a distinction between Rubies & Pink Sapphires. One of the reasons is because Rubies usually command a higher price than Pink Sapphires.

    Where do we draw the line bewteen a Ruby & a Pink Sapphire? In general, it is b/o saturation levels. Higher saturation reds are considered Ruby. Lower saturation reds are Pink Sapphires. However, having personally handled stones of superb saturation that would still be considered to be Pink Sapphires, I would have to say it's best to use your own judgement on a case by case basis.

    To make things even more interesting, perception also varies from country to country. Many Pinkish Red Rubies (so favoured by the Japanese) are called Pink Sapphires by Americans.

    Should you buy or not? If the price is fair, and you like the look of the stones - go ahead!

    Hope that helped! Good luck, Ryan!

    Source(s): Me - I'm a gemologist and a part-time gem dealer.
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    A ruby that isn't a deep blood red color would not be classified necessarily as a ruby...A ruby and a Sapphire are the same gem but the red version is called ruby All other colors fall under a Sapphire category. What you may actually have could be classified as a dark pink Sapphire. Still if it a nice stone with good color and clarity too it, and your getting it for a good price don't hesitate to buy it, it will still be a nice gem worth having.

    Source(s): 35 years jewelry and lapidary trade
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    Rubies can be any shade from a very light pink to a an absolute wine colour. Although the most expensive ones are pigeon blood red and the not opaque variety

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    A pinkish ruby is of very poor quality.

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    The darker red the higher the quality, but if it's pretty and you like it that's what matters.

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