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How to impress him? Please help me!?

Please help me! I'm going to the LA Twilight convention next Saturday. I'll be in the back row (click on the first link!) so I won't be TOO far away from him. I won't get to meet him, nobody will, but fans do get to ask him questions if the choosers call on you. I'm praying with all of my mind power that they'll choose me and I'll ask him for a hug or something lol. So if this happens, I'd like to be prepared! I want to impress him a lot. What do I do?

First, I need to be prepared on fashion. What kind of clothes do I wear?

Next, makeup. Heavy makeup? Light makeup? What colors? How to apply?

And last, attitude. Should I be really bubbly and happy or more like Kristen and kinda mopey (no offense to her fans, I'm one of her biggest fans and I love her, but she doesn't smile very often. We all know that.). Should I cry if this happens? I know I will, if I don't die first, but how can I stop myself from being an idiot? I met Justin Chon, Christian Serratos, Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore already and I've embarrassed myself BIG TIME in front of them! And I'm not madly in love with any of them like I am with Rob.

And don't be a Q-Hole and say that I won't meet him, because one little girl last year asked him for a hug and she got it! Even a picture with him! And the president of the company that runs all of the conventions owes my dad a favor, so it's even MORE likely to happen! Please please please please PLEASE help me, and if you got lucky and met Rob, please share your experience and any tips! Best answer gets 10 points. Thanks so much! :@)

Also, don't tell me to study Kristen, to look and act like her, because I ALWAYS get "Holy crap! You look like Kristen Stewart!" or "You look like that girl from Twilight!" and even my dad calls me Bella lol. SO I already look like her. And I act like her: I'm kinda awkward but also outgoing, I speak my mind, I don't take no crap from nobody (excuse my grammar), and I have that OCD thing where I alwaysss run my hand thru my hair. I'm not OCD or anything, I've just picked it up from Rob and Kristen. Don't judge me lol.

Thanks! (click on the link to see where I'm sitting. Not too far away from... him!!!!!!)


Amber, this is really happening to me next Saturday. It's not something made up. Any tips?? :@)

Update 2:

shortSTUHH, I know it's not very close, but it's not very far either. There is a whole new area for seats behind that glass thing behind where I'll be that's bigger than the area I'll be sitting in. and there are 4 more sections on either side of me, so I'm pretty lucky to be in the dead center.

Update 3:

Holy Forks! I'm soo sorry! I just noticed that I didn't say WHO I was talking about! Sorry! I was talking about Robert Pattinson lol!

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    Ok You should wear clothes that show you are independent and confident, like a blue shirt with skinny jeans, and a cute black vest. Next, makeup. You should wear a nice clear baby pink lip gloss, with gray eye shadow! no glitter! You want to show him that you can control yourself and not look like a fool with glitter all over you. If you did then he will know that you are a really really REALLY big fan. Wear it like jane does in New Moon but not complete black and gray. try silver and gray. Now your attitude. you should show him that you are a strong, mature woman that can control herself with a teaspoon of excitement. Like smile and give him a hug. try to act calm when you are next to him. If you feel like you need to scream then take slow breaths. Now he will see that you are calm and not obsessevly in love with him. And for the most important, BE YOURSELF! If he is impressesed then email me! :)

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    Haha, that's not very close.(x

    But anyways, there'll be tons of girls trying to get his attention.

    Just wear something comfortable, like a graphic tee(Twilight one), converse, and shorts.

    The make up should be light and natural.

    Calm down, and have a nice smile on your face.

    Look like you're having a great time, and maybe at the end, you can TRY to approach him.

    Don't act like an extremely obsessive fan, that annoys all celebrities.

    I think at the end of these, they let you shake hands, get a picture, hug, autograph, etc.

    Good luck!

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    This is ridiculous, your probably 13- 15 years old. Your not going to impress Robert Patterson the guys stuck on him self.

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    Act like you're not bothered. Guys hate that but at the same time keep shooting flirty glances at him! He'll go crazy!

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    yea im not gonna read that whole thing. But glycerine by bush is the greatest fu"cking song ever so if that helps there you go. Idk though, try being more concise and i might actually read it and be able to contribute something next time

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    cool, is this a story or it happend in real life

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