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teen party dillema?

what kind of teen party can i have in the backyard for guys and girls? I want like a bonfire but what else do i do, food ideas,music,how long. I need help just for like the age 14 - 15 ish. So nothing dumb. But i need major help the part should be within the next two weeks or so.


im the teen planning for my own party, trying to get my parents to agree to it more along the lines of what we are doing. Oh and its like a bonfire in the backyard we have a pool but even being in florida thats still a little cold, we also have a full sized cemented basketball court, and a pretty big yard. Manhunt permitted? Its gotta be on the cheap side to i mean like 200$ dollars. And music is a must. Thanks for all the ideas im gathering.

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    Lots of pizza and assorted kind. NO CLOWNS. A cheap good Dj, NOT AN OLD PERSON either. Encourage them to dance, if your not between 15-25, DONT DANCE( can you say embarrasing?) I forgot drinks. The party shoul be from like 8. Why? Because one, fasonably late, and two, it give you time to set up. NO PARTY FAVORS LIKE TOYS. NO CONTESTS!!!!!! Exept for money and cool things like gift cards(dont spend too much on gift cards. And IF you decide to do contests, nothing cheesy like sack races and apple bobbing things. Like Kareoke and dancing. Thats all I can say comming from a 15 yr old.

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    Kind of difficult to answer, since you don't say whether you are an adult planning a party for teens, or a teen planning one for friends. In either case, you will definitely need music (better find out what those you are inviting like), Nachos and dip and other snack foods and lots of soft drinks. If you're going to have a bonfire, make sure that at least one sane, sober and responsible person is supervising it, or forget that idea. And yes, I'm a parent who has raised three teens.

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    I think you should play rap & hip-hop songs for instance A Bay Bay or Soulja Boy.. Any songs like that.(T-Pain, Akon, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Neyo, etc.)

    If you have a cemented area in your backyard you could have a certain portion of it be your dance floor.

    You could serve fajitas, nachos, tacos, mexican food basically since the bonfire theme.

    I think you should do it from 7pm-11pm. I think that would be age appropriate since the kids ARE in High School.

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    Get some snacks for the food and drinks get some music to play at the party that everyone will enjoy just get stuff for the age group that you like this is really up to you you should be deciding how you want it planned tho

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    Burgers and such since you are having a bonfire. Tropical punch with fruit in it is better than sodas. A fruit tray would be yummy! You don't need a DJ for music, it would be cool if your folks would splurge for one. How about some volley ball?

    Sounds fun!

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    ok it depends on what kind of area you live in and what your style is. loud up beat music is usually good at the beginning then later dont play any but if you wan to make it lower. marshmellows are lame, try using dough boy croissants, you find them near the milk abnd all that crap. then you wrap them around a clean stick/pole. then you put whipped cream and or jam in the middle, they may sound lame but my friends all loved them. for main foods, it is cool to have stuff you can make by the fire, like hotdogs and stuff. hope this was a little helpful!

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    Are you having it at a beach? a bonfire would be nice and maybe try getting some people to play sports like volleyball or frisbee?

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    Bonfire is good what about kareokee make it from like 8-11 make sure you have all the stuff to make smores too

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    Do a small contest with common low priced presents & awards. you've gotten somebody you recognize or pay for a expert to paint faces. it relatively is great for any age. Water or paint gun contest. Make a piece of abode video games- like "unload the ball interior the bucket" & win a fish or any award you like in the event that they make it. infant gold fishes expenses approximately $2-3 greenbacks each you are able to perhaps sell tickets for fifty cents or something for participation. good success, desire this helped.

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    easy smeezy get a radio get the fire going and make shure u have stock plile of logs and just keep talking and eating around the fire make shure u have cokes and what now and when sclience starts just look at the stars and say wow look at that

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