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was he using me for sex or was this just bad timing?

well i lost my virginity to the guy i love, who i've been with for 8 months but then conveniently we had an argument after.. well so we did it one night, woke up the next morning and went out and i bumped into a friend who told me something about him (that's not relevant for this question) and well that broke us up.. but then he came to see me two days later and we made up through sex.. like make up sex. and so i was just wondering was or is he using me for sex or is it just bad timing?

thanks for your adivce and help in advance

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    He wouldn't have stayed with you for just sex. Not for eight months at least. If a guy just wants sex he'll leave and find a girl who puts out.

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    He is using you for sex. Unfortunately as girls no women we are attached to men when we have sex. Get over it.

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