What can I do to resolve this distance relationship problem?

Well I´ll explain the problem. I have been with my girlfriend 7 months and at the fourth month I went to study to other city, and now we are 150 km away from each other, we live in different cities. I try to visit her so often I can, almost every 2 weekends, and we really love and care for each other a lot. The problem is that in this 3 and a half month that we have been living in different cities she has not visited me, and she hasn´t show any intention of doing that. For me is a strange situation because it´s no problem for me visiting her always but it´s sad that the girl that I care doesn´t demonstrate willpower to do such a simple and necessary thing for a distance relationship. What can I do? because I think that my feelings are changing for her. I think that my relationship with her is breaking slowly and she doesn´t see it...

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    You need to tell her. She's not a mind reader. If your feelings are changing for her over this it's because you are doing it in your own mind and have never told her. She probably figures you come out there all the time so no big deal. You should just tell her that you would like her to come up and that it would make you happy. I bet she would say yes and do it. Don't hold your feelings in like that in a long distance relationship. It will eat you up and destroy the whole thing. It sounds like you are a really loving person but you have to realize that people like you are few and far in between. You're girlfriend is probably not as sensitive and considerate as you. Don't expect her to act a certain way and then resent her for not doing it. It could be as simple as telling her to come visit.

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    To make it work long distance you have to BOTH be willing to give and sacrifice.

    If you are doing all the giving and she isn't, it might be a sign she's not ready for the relationship and you might be better off with someone who will as much effort if not more into a relationship with you.

  • Have you tried talking to her and telling her how you feel? She may not know.

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