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Hotels near Guadalajara airport?

I am going to be leaving for a an early flight out of Guadalajara airport. Since I am comming from Manzanillo I would like to know if anyone could recommend a cheap hotel that is near the airport. Something that is decent...I wouldn't want it to be dirty or gross. Thanks

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    You can try www.hotelbooklet.com which compares more than 30 popular hotel reservations sites and shows all available deals!

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  • 3 years ago

    Hotels Near Guadalajara Airport

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    1 decade ago

    That guy is right their is one that is steps away from the Airport...looks nice but never been their! Iv done the same thing u are trying to do...but coming from Colima...the city! Iv stayed at a little hotel or motel for about 6 hrs but if ur picky its not a good idea...it might scare u(if ur a girl) are u by ur self if not try it! I 4get the name but its about 1 mile from the airport...their's a couple on that path going to the airport before u turn right into the airport.....u can ask a taxi if ur going by taxis or what i sometimes do if im driving in Guadalajara i wave down a taxi and follow them to my destination....works all the time...try it! probably cost u 100 pesos depends how far away ur are! Good luck...how hot was Manzanillo....u were probably lucky cause in Dec it cools down...supposedly! jajajjajaj

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  • 1 decade ago

    Assming you are taking a bus from Manzanillo ... I would check to see if ETN has a night bus that stops at the airport. Some of theirs do and might be able to save on hotel.

    When I leave from GDL early I just bite the bullet and stay at the 'Casa Grande Hotel' which is on the airport grounds and I walk across the street. Problem is it's about $110us a night but worth it to me

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