How do I convince my boyfriend to abort his baby?

My boyfriend admitted that before he knew me, he once went wild with another girl without contraception when he was drunk, and now the girl has gone back to him saying that she's pregnant and demands that my boyfriend help her take care of the baby. I was shocked, and I am really angry at the girl for being so irresponsible. I wish that she would abort. My boyfriend is at a loss of what to do, how do I convince him to tell her to abort the baby?

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  • 10 years ago
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    You can't like it or not it's his kid and even if he wanted too he can't make his ex abort get over yourself you're very selfish.

  • 10 years ago

    You can talk to him all you want, but it's the girls decision and she'll probably say no. If she has already approached him with the "you're gonna take care of baby" conversation, her mind is made up. And if you're going to be angry at her, be angry at your boyfriend as well. He was just as willing as she was. And if you let him use being drunk as an excuse then you're not very bright. I've been drunk plenty of times, EXTREMELY drunk, and I still knew that unprotected sex could lead to pregnancy and diseases. You don't get amnesia just because you had a few too many. He's is not Jamie Foxx or T-Pain so do not let him Blame It on the alcohol. All your bf can do is get a paternity test and if the baby is his, take care of him/her.

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  • 10 years ago

    To be honest I think that in this situation it is for the girl to decide whether or not she keeps the baby. Your boyfriend obviously needs proof that the baby is his, not knowing what other relationships the girl has had around the time of the baby's conception. Your boyfriend does not want to take on responsibility for someone else's child by mistake. One thing you can't do is demand of a girl that she aborts her child. Whatever happens you should not be influencing the outcome or applying pressure. Stand back and see how things work out.

  • 10 years ago

    Seriously, that might be the most selfish thing I've ever heard. A BABY is not a "thing" you can get rid of if it inconveniences you. If that's your take on babies ... then you should get yourself fixed and take yourself out of the gene pool. Obviously, your boyfriend is also irresponsible (not to mention promiscuous) so there's a great chance he could wind up impregnating you too. Come to think of it - why don't you BOTH get neutered? That'd be a great way to spend money before his baby is born and he has to start paying child support.

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  • 10 years ago

    It isn't only the girls fault honey it takes two to tango. I don't really understand why you would be angry at the girl and not at your boyfriend. I fully support that the girl want to keep the baby aborting is irresponsible. At least she is showing responsibility for a mistake that she has made. Abortion should only be used in cases of molestation and rape not because you went wild one night and weren't smart enough to use protection. I know he is your boyfriend but it is ultimately his decision whether he wants to be involved in the child's life or not. And if he does want to be involved than you should support him for wanting to be a good father. Don't think of yourself of her think of the baby and as long as he thinks he can handle being a father than he should. He should def finitely ask for a paternity test when the child is born though just to be sure the child is his.

  • 10 years ago

    i dont want to be rude but it looks like this has very little to do with you. the only choice you have is to either be with him or not. if you cant handle that then its better to walk away because life for you is going to suck knowing that he has a baby with someone else already, so you are always going to fight with him and throw things in his face. so you should decide right now, stay and support him cause if u love him u would want to help him and not let abortion be a choice or if this is too much for you, seems like it is walk awaay from it and find another person. it wont be the end of the world time heals.

  • 10 years ago

    Let him take care of the baby. You're being jealous, psycho and selfish. Until his baby is in your womb, don't worry about it. You guys couldn't have been together for very long (if this really happened before you and she's just now coming to him then she must still be in the first trimester) so if it bothers you that bad, leave him. Find someone as insecure and selfish as yourself. You'll be much happier

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    10 years ago

    Sorry but that's the wrong question to ask around here. You are not going to get answers you want to hear.

    Your boyfriend is doing a good thing by being responsible and accepting the fact he is going to be a dad. You may not like it, but you have no control over what another person does. It's not your baby. Let him make his own decision.

  • 10 years ago

    The baby is none of your business.

    Your bf is the irresponsible one.

    You have no rights whatsoever in this situation.

    Your relationship is doomed.

    "how do I convince him to tell her to abort the baby?" Ridiculous! He can not force her to abort.

    Time to move on and get a life.

  • 10 years ago

    How would you feel if that was you? It is heartless to ask that girl to abort her child, just because you don't like that your boyfriend fathered it. That child did nothing to you, and to ask someone else to abort their baby is just cruel. Grow up. Be mad at her if you choose, but when you say you are angry at HER for being irresponsible, remember your boyfriend was half of the irresponsible party involved.

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  • 10 years ago

    First of all it was before he met you, second of all she didn't climb on top of herself and get pregnant, third of all you're extremely selfish for wanting him to tell her to abort. That's absolutely disgusting for you to even think that. Suck it up your boyfriend should be a man and take responsibility for his actions. This baby didn't ask to be made he/she is totally innocent. Don't ask your boyfriend to murder his baby that's evil. Either deal with the fact that your boyfriend is going to have a baby or move on. Remember it takes 2 to tango.

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