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What causes tiredness and low energy after masturbation?

I feel very tired most of the time and have very little energy. I find that i have more energy if i go without masturbating for a while, but as soon as i do it again i feel quite bad again and not just afterwards but for days. I know i had low hormones at one stage, but they arn't supposed to be affected by it. Does this happen to anyone else and what is it that causes it?

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    Probably for the same reason you get tired after SEX - it's because your body DOES go into "workout" mode...

    Your heart races, you start to sweat, your muscles contract - ALL the same things that happen when you're pumping iron.

    I'll let you make your own jokes on THAT one ;););)

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    Hi, same answer as for Albion :

    Probably a form of Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome.

    You can join our topic :

    An excessive release of neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin) may cause this fatigue after ejaculation, for rare cases.

    Have you tested some meds or supplements ?

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    b/c alot of blood is sent to the dick and thats why it gets"Big"while u r wacking u r very tired but your testosterone keeps u from passing out and after u **** u loose that testoserone and for alittle bit u r tired b/c your heart rate drops and u go from full of energy to fatigue

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    dont worry your doing you manly duty into your hands and after that who isnt tired after that

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    yer working it too hard...give it a rest

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