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im 21, im masturbating frm 18 at 5days/week, is there any sexual disorder in doing so, often i feel tired.....

im male, often i feel tired after doing masturbation....

because of this im not able to concentrate my studies....

whenever i switch on my computer or tv my mind intend to watch on some porn movies.... and finally i masturbate and sleep...

Pls help me how to get rid of this problem....

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    better have me instead of masterbating---lol ;)

    i can help you deal with it, as well as your homework---haha :)

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    Its called "Jacking yourself off to a coma" haha. No worries dude, it will get old after a while... 24 is the magic number, when hormone levels die down a little. Now lets find out why you really do it though... Its not because your addicted to porn or masturbating, or anything else.

    The real reason you do this is because you are a perfectionist work-aholic that probably works yourself down to the last straw and you really don't care for the chores or tasks at hand. The easy way out for you and your mind without feeling intermediary guilt for not getting your work done is to jack off until your so tired you can't think about all the things you have to do, need to do, etc., and your eyes shut themselves...

    Whew!, the things we learn in Psych class...

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    You will get worn out, and maybe some chafing – but nothing else bad will come of this.

    Now, if you are doing this compulsively – like you feel anxious if you don’t do it, or if you are doing this as a means of managing your anxiety, or if it you are bothered by how much you are doing this but you still can’t seem to stop yourself and not simply as a means to experience pleasure then you may have a problem – but as long as sex has not become a coping strategy – a means of decreasing anxiety and dealing with the world – then you are good.

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    masturbation is a sign of healty growth. if you masturbate daily, that is perfectly fine. It's normal. 99% of the population masturbates while the other 1%- LIES ABOUT IT! and stay away from your PC. it draws you in. masturbation relieves anxiety and stress. yes, it makes you tired because masturbating releases chemicals in the brain which makes you feel tired and relax. yes, I recomend getting a gf. make sure shes okay with it though. dont force her into doing anything she doesn't want to. this is completely normal. as long as you dont masturbate more than 15 times a day, it's A-OKAY.

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    oh sweety thats too cute. my boyfriend is 22 and i am 4 years younger he is always tired after s e x . if u get a girl and start havin lots of s e x with her you wont need to masturbate anymore, but then you will have to worry bout bein tired after sex.

    but to solve that problem just have s e x or masturbation right before bed. its like having your own sleeping meds.

    good luck sweety

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    When ever you do things like watch tv or turning on the PC, don't think of sex, if u really cant control ur mind, think of ur teachers, friends, and parents, and thinks of what they want u to achieve, u'll suddenly lose interest, trust me!

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    dude me too, i feel like i dont wana do anything.. im guessing cuz its getting refueled down in the u noe what, and that causes laziness or whatever in the rest of the body including the mind.. ?

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    dude, I jack-off sometimes 3-5 times a day and I love it. I do it in all kinds of places. I don't really like the porno thing, theres just not eneough excitement in it for me...i like to beat-off outside.....keep pumping and just enjoy'll be me and we'll talk about it o-k?

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    Stop switching to porn. Do that at special times,dear.

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    No its natural.

    If you find yourself a girlfriend I'm sure you will solve your masturbation problem.

    Good luck and have fun!!!!

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