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Masturbation sucks energy out of you?

I don't know why everywhere on the internet they say it is healthy,natural,normal......blablabla...?!!

my personal experience taught me that it makes me feel tired, unbalanced, acne, dark spot under the eyes, affects sports....etc.

and it takes so much time to recover to normal full health, i think it takes over 2 months....

the occurrence of wet dreams takes more than 2 months after stop masturbation.

i prefer to forget about it and do something else when i feel horny

aren't wet dreams the natural way instead of masturbation?

what do you say?

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    it depends on how intense you do it and how frequently you do it in one day. besides, studies have proven that men tend to masturbate more often if they have nothing to do, or if they are idle and yeah bored.

    i mean, if your pathologically prone to doing it 5x or more in a day, then you are definitely expending more energy than the rest of us human beings. plus your own physiological, psychological and physical health, may also determine your stamina and staying power. if you do it as an "all-nighter" activity or worse a whole day endeavor, then you are definitely going to get all the dark eye bags, fatigue, decreased mental alertness, etc. what do you expect? it will definitely lower your physical, mental prowess and affect your psychomotor skill. as they say, anything done in excess will have its effects on the body.

    as for the "wet dream", yeah, it is the body's natural way of giving off the sperm produced by your body. this usually happens if the person does not masturbate at all. the body, needs to empty the gonads in order for new sperm cells to grow and develope, thus it expels it naturally if it isn't done manually.

    yes, it is normal. masturbation is normal. you have to accept the fact that people get horny, not just because you are in lust, but also because your bodily hormones dictate it as well. but, being busy can and will divert our attention, and even redirect the sexual energy into something more productive for you.

    just remember, there is nothing wrong with getting off, for as long as it is done in moderation - now that is normal!

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    "Many people say that it is "good" for you citing relieving stress and that you can't get pregnant - it is true. They may also say that it's "normal" - which is also true. However, normal or natural doesn't mean that something's good for you. Masturbation has many negative side effects that last a lifetime - more especially chronic or compulsive masturbation. A single episode or a relatively infrequent incidence isn't indicative of a problem - it is when it becomes compulsive or chronic or is substituted for other things... ***When coupled with pornography - masturbation is devastating - it becomes more addictive than heroin or cocaine, literally, and you will experience withdrawls when you try to stop - including nausea and insomnia. You can and will come to the point that you will NOT feel good unless you are doing that - it will alter the chemistry of your brain so that you no longer in time feel normal unless you are routinely getting a fix from it - in other words - nothing else will make you feel good. It has a damaging effect on social relationships - it can slow social development if masturbation becomes an escape for coping with difficult life or social situations - rather than working through life's problems - someone gets off. Masturbation can cause shame causing social isolation and contributing to slowed social development. I don't really reccomend it. And despite the "evidence" and the crowds who say that it is GOOD - there is an even larger preponderance of evidence to show that it is not good for you - however, nobody wants to hear you shouldn't whack off, so it doesn't recieve the coverage. We may say that smoking is good because it relaxes you as well. It's much more complex than a friend saying "I do it and I'm fine" we're much more complex than just being fine. The science behind this is relatively new and I believe will continue to show that this isn't good. I know my answer won't be popular but this is what I've found researching this."

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    I don't know, apart from your personal experience where you got your information from. If this was the case then most of the male population would be suffering the same symptoms as you, and the fact is they are not. Perhaps you were citing all of these problems because you have hang ups about masturbation. Remember not everyone has a partner that can take care of sexual matters for them. I just think it is your choice what you do and you are needing reinforcement to make you feel okay about it. It is perfectly healthy and normal and anyone who says differently needs to re-evaluate their knowledge. I can understand those men who have a problem with it because of religious beliefs and I respect that, but to use all of these health problems you have spoken of really does not have any scientific weight to support it. Good luck.

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    I don't think so rather it depends on u how u take it.Masturbation is a psycological feature of nature nothing else . If u feel good after masturbation so its not gona harm u or affect ur health ...

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    Whatever floats your boat. But acne and dark spots under your eyes have nothing to do with masturbating.

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    You decide these matters as per your cultural & religious beliefs, not by asking here. Anyway, if you are sure it is bad for health, don't do it. Leave others to decide for themselves.

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    i dont believe any of it

    except wet dreams is natural masturbation. yes.

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    No, it just relaxes you. You may have a poor diet from your symptoms. I recommend you see a doctor and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

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    it is normal you have health problems if it takes months to recover see your family physician

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    I think for you abstinence is proper, you don't enjoy it anyway.

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