Please answer ! Why are there many "way"s?

By Advanced Web Search (but from Yahoo!Japan)

"the exact phrase"

just pages in English, from United States

1."Do you know the way"about 122,000

2."Do you know a way"...about 17,500

3."Do you know any way"..about 8,270

4."Do you know any ways"...about 587

5."Do you know the ways"...about 434

6."Do you know some way"...about 131

7."Do you know some ways"...about 88

8."Do you know a ways".............0

In these result I can understand that No.8 is gramatical false.

If an affirmative answere is expected ,in spite of an interrogative sentence ,they sometimes use "some" instead of "any" ,I think.

I would like to know why they/you use "way" more often than "ways"

Please answer. Thank you.

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  • FabMom
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    1 decade ago
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    #3 and #6 would be more common than #4 and #7 because if we are asking how to do something, we generally are satisfied with only one answer. If we wanted to know various ways to do something, we would ask "How many ways do you know to ...?" or "What are different ways to ...?" or "What are the various ways to ...?".

    The word "ways" is more common than your search results lead you to believe. You just need to revise your searches to include more common phrasing of these questions.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It really depends on what you are trying to ask.

    1 can be used when asking someone how to get to a location.

    2 can be used when asking how to do something. Example: "Do you know a way that I can change the settings on my computer?"

    3 can also be used in asking how to do something: "Do you know of any way I can get cheap tickets?"

    4 is gramaticaly incorrect and should not be used.

    5 can be used when asking about the policies or standards of a culture or organization. "Do you understand the ways of the Catholic church?"

    6, 7, and 8 not grammatically correct, although some people do use them.

  • druid
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    1 decade ago

    <>The difference between "way" and "ways" is; mostly, just the difference between singular and plural. For example: "Do you know any way to San Jose?" or "Tell me some ways to get to San Jose." I cannot say that I use "way" more than "ways" but it is probably so. This would be especially true with "valley" speakers: "Like, no way!" :)

  • 1 decade ago

    there is no way!!!

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