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Yeast Infection?

I've never had a yeast infection, but I am beginning to believe I may have one. I know the clearish thin discharge is normal for women, but occasionally I will have a thicker white discharge that does have an odor. I have no reddish, itching or burning. Any suggestions?

(And please don't suggest going to the doctor because if I were planning on doing that any time soon, I wouldn't be on Yahoo! answers.)

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    i dont think its thrush,thrush is like cottage cheese discharge,itching and burning when you pee.

    the thicker white discharge you occasionally have could be you ovulation!

    this happens 14 days into your cycle and womens discharge changes,may become whiter/cloudy and may be thick or stretchy!XXXXXX

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    It IS possible to have a yeast infection with only one simple symptom but left untreated could get worse and you may end up with a full blown infection.

    You could do some home remedies.

    But I suggest just going to your local drug store and picking up a 2 or 3 days pack of vaginal medication for yeast infections.

    It is also common for womens "normal" discharge to have a slight smell and change from clearish to a slightly thicker discharge depending where they are at within there monthly cycle.

    If you DO choose to go ahead with Yeast Infection treatment, if after a week of the treatment you are still worried I would visit a doctor, or local womens health clinic (like Planned Parenthood, where you can get assistance with costs). They can test you for a yeast infection plus STD's.

    Remember that STD's are often confused with yeast infections, so don't rule that out as a possibility unless you have never had any type of sexual contact.

    Source(s): Nurse + Personal Experiences.
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    yeah, i know someone who had one and tey did a vinegar douche and it cleared it. sounds like the beginning steps of the yeaste infection. i know u dont wanna go to the doctor but all they make u do is pee in a cup and if it is a yeaste infection they just perscribe u one 8 dollar pill that will clear the problem, i went with someone who had this problem.

    good luck :]

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    im afriad i do to but i dont have many of the symptoms....

    like my stuff doesnt look like ricotta cheese or whatever.

    im freaking out b/c i love beer a lot like i drink it 5 times a week. i dont wanna stop i dont like any other alcohol but its scary to know that i cant do it as much....b/c of fungus

    can u only have a few of the symptoms?

    oh wait i should male my own question thingy

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