what is wrong with the one drop rule?

as with many other things, Black people have taken something that was used as a means of exculsion and turned it on its head.

White folks enforced the one drop rule as a way to ensure discourage miscegenation, it kept Black people or even half blacks from owning property, voting, ect. and also ensured that half Blacks would have no claim to freedom.

But now that white people are seeing their birth rate decline along with there percentage of the population suddenly they see the one drop rule as a problem.

Is it because what started out as something that was meant to exclude Black people from society is now being used as something inclusive by Blacks. The evidence of Black people's inculsiveness is evident in the saying that Bill Clinton is Black (despite the fact that he probably has zero drops of Black blood and his administration put more Black people in jail than any other in History)


goose- you went way out on limb there without even knowing where I live. You are wrong as hell. There is nothing but interracial couple where I live.

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    Tthe 'One-Drop' Rule (the false teaching that

    'any amount' of Black ancestral lineage make a

    person "full Black") is nothing more than pure-racism.

    The racist 'One-Drop Rule' (used only by the

    United States government, by the way) was

    created during the antebellum/chattel-slavery

    era by White-supremacists in order to get

    people to believe the false racist myth that

    the so-called White "race" was "pure" and

    tp falsely see the Black "racial" admixture

    (even the slightest amount) in a person's

    ancestral lineage as being "tainted".

    To embrace the 'One-Drop Rule' is

    the equivalent of BOTH embracing

    "racism" and also embracing the

    false teaching that a Mixed-Race

    person's Black lineage is "tainted".

    My advice is that a non-Racist should *not*

    embrace the concept of the 'One-Drop Rule'

    -- as "Black blood" is *not* "tainted" -- and

    should never be perceived or embraced

    as being so (not even in the name

    of so-called "pride" and "unity").

    In addition, legally-speaking, attempted forcible

    application of the racist 'One-Drop Rule' -- against

    any individual or group -- was made illegal and ruled

    as unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court

    in 1967 via the case of 'Loving vs. The State of Virginia'.

    Through the 'Loving vs. Virginia' case, the U.S.

    Supreme Court, ruled against both all of the laws

    banning Interracial marriage -- and -- also ruled

    that any so-called law which forcibly applied the

    'One Drop Rule' -- was racist, discriminatory,

    illegal, unconstitutional, and non-enforcible.

    For more information on this topic, please

    feel free to visit the links listed as follows:










    Hope this information is of help to you in

    your understanding of just why the racist

    'One Drop Rule' is an offense to the pride

    of people who are of a full-Black lineage

    as well as to people who are Mixed-Race

    people who are of part-Black lineage -- and

    also why it is not a 'unifying' force at all -- but

    rather, is a racist attack on their heritages.

    Have a nice day. :D


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  • 3 years ago

    My sister married a white dude and all of us love him, he is probably the most loved ones, so we now not all like that. I actually do not care so long as the black lady I see a white dude with ain't my spouse, lol. There's plenty of self-segregation within the black group and an intolerance to outsiders. It's dull, however to plenty of black guys, a black guy with a white lady is regarded as a form of justice: whatever he is taken from "the person", at the same time a white man with a black lady is obvious as a opposed intrusion into the black group. Sorry to mention, however the black group struggles with development too. The concept of "colour-blindness" is whatever many black men and women count on of different races, however believe no responsibility to reside as much as themselves.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Same ol tricks racists have been using since they made up the one drop rule. See the black gene is more dominant than any other, hence it was thought that if you had one drop of "black" in you, you were black.

    Now that the tables have turned, the same rule they used against is now being used against them and the rules have all of a sudden changed.

    They are classifying more ppl as white when they used to be classified as black.

    In some dictionaries if you look up the word caucasian you will see what I mean. EX:

    Cau·ca·sian 1. Anthropology. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of one of the traditional racial divisions of humankind, marked by fair to DARK skin, straight to TIGHTLY CURLED hair, and light to very dark eyes, and originally inhabiting Europe, parts of North Africa, western Asia, and India: no longer in technical use.

    caps lock used for emphasis. This is one reason why Africa lost much of its history (racists took was originally African & made it Caucasian, and now they try to make it seem as if the Africans did not contribute anything to society)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't really see that where I live.

    But, it doesn't seem far fetched.

    I'm of mixed national origins,

    and I've got it from both sides; i.e.

    I don't like cream in my coffee or

    You don't look black.

    I embrace my family/ roots.

    For yrs., I've said none of my fore parents

    were racists or prejudiced.

    At least 4 generations back.

    And none of my family had slaves.

    Now, I have a bumper sticker that reads:

    We are all equal members of 1 human race.

    'Sides......there is partiality with God.

    That's who I love & trust.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It never made sense in the first place. If anyone lived in the U.S. longer than just a couple of decades, the concept of a "pure" bloodline declined dramatically as families were separated and assimilated into every state, city, and province of the country--some agendas just weren't meant to be I suppose...

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  • 1 decade ago

    This forum, along with your questions are becoming old and rudundant. Black and white this, black and white that........ Don't you have anything else to discuss?? My fiance' is a beautiful black woman and just plain eloquent inside and out. I love her, for being HER. Period. You have too many hangups when it comes to race. One minute you're acting like this proud, pro-black militant man, the next minute you're bashing white folks, the next minute you are bragging about your need to be with white women! You are one CONFUSED black man, who could never get someone as gorgeous as my wife-to-be. You need to grow up seriously dude. You're a sad excuse for a black man and I hate that you represent them in such a bad light on this forum.

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  • 1 decade ago

    That's right.I found out that i'm a little more than a drop. Great great grand dad was black and married a white woman. and they ran a plantation together. Of coarse it was hers and was in northern states.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    God has something in common with small children and blind people - he is color blind! A blind man cannot see your color only what you present of yourself (kind, unkind etc.,) likewise a small child only knows if a person is nice or not Jehovah God is only interested in your heart and motives. Wouldn't it be beautiful if all people were like this. I'm white, my grandchildren are a bit of both, I'm proud of them, I love them and I think their fathers race has much beauty it it, likewise my own...but really who cares there's good and bad in all!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have to agree with Mojo. I read your questions. You just can't seem to decide weither you are PRO-black or PRO-white can you? One day you play the angry black man who loves black women, the next day, you have fetishes for ugly, pale white women with blue boobies! GROW UP!

    Source(s): You just can't seem to be what side of the coin you want, can you Tom?
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  • 1 decade ago

    Goose that was uncalled for!

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