Why do I have such a strange sex drive?

I'm only interested in sex with my partner about once or twice a week, however, I mentally lust after women like crazy. I love my partner dearly, and know that any of the women I lust for would get the same treatment.

Now dont take it the wrong way, I'm not a "Use them and leave them" kind of guy. I have no intention of leaving my partner, nor cheating on her. I am just a very confused person. Could the fact that I have NO memory of my childhood prior to age 12 have anything to do with it? This is of serious concern to me and I would like serious answers please, preferably from people who actually know what they are talking about.


While I appreciate and understand those of you who are religious, please dont bring it into this. No offense intended to you, but a God that I am still (kinda) fighting to decide is real or not isnt going to help me in this.

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  • 2 decades ago
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    It is quite possible that the loss of your childhood memories could have everything to do with this.I could be that something out of the ordinary happenned early in your life and albiet forgotten and quite possibly child abuse,it may have felt good as well as forbidden.Now it will rear it's head as an unexplainable obsession.The best thing to do in a case like this is to talk about it as much as possible and explore some erotic ideas with your lover,as long as there is trust there is hope

  • 2 decades ago

    Well.. All i could say is that i suggest that you go and visit a shrink to unlock the mental blockage that you have install in your head.. this might lead to some light of why the lost of memory. This lost of memory MIGhT have a slight cause to your sex drive or it might no. Well.. i feel that u having sex one or twice week is perfectly fine.. Most people work about that range.. so you dont have to worry... As for you mentally lusting... Well Alot of people is doing that... Be it men or women.. Some people even lust for other when they are having sex with their partners... MOst people would say that mentally lusting is nothing wrong... it not cheating or anything.. but just to satisfy one's needs

  • 2 decades ago

    Serious answer. As a preacher, I have to do spiritual counseling from time to time. When after talking to a person, if I find their situation is beyond my purview, I recommend that they see a licensed mental counselor. I haven't sat down and talked to you, so I don't know where you are spirtually and mentally. I would recommend seeking first spiritual counseling, and if that doesn't work, and you do have a serious mental condition, that counselor should be trained enough to know the signs and help you find a licensed mental health counselor.

  • 2 decades ago

    Beacuse boys started out as girls!!!!and they form into boys and some stay into girls!!!!

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