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How can I delete a company from the Accounting software Tally 5.4?

If I have two or more company" s accounts in my software, how can i delete one of them?

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    In version 5.4 there is no direct way to delete the company from software itself. But in later version you can delete it by going in Alter company option. Select the company which you want to delete and press Enter. Company info would be shown for alteration. Here press Alt+D to delete and then press Y for confirmation.

    There is a no. of very company assigned by tally itself like 0001, 0002 etc. This no is just right to company name in company selection list when you open any company in Alt F3 menu.

    You have to note down the number and data location where company is stored.

    Now manually you have to go to data folder in the path defined in data path of tally. Delete this folder and you would get rid of that company.

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    Find the 'sr no.' of the company .. from the display companies option . . . Close tally and go to the folder where the program is .. There you will find a folder called "Data" .. Delete the file matching the serial no. of the company.

    You cannot delete a company from within the program..

    Hope that helped ...

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