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Sony Vegas Help: Can't resize video for rendering?

I have the Sony Vegas Pro 8.0, and in my last finished video, when i was going through the rendering custom settings, it no longer gived me the option t write down the custom size of the video. The presetted numbers appeared light gray.

I know it offers various presetted size options but I wanted customized specific one.

I was using the WMV V9 type, but then later checked in other types and the same happened. Yesterday I was able to do this!

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    Resizing video for rendering to WMV V9 format.

    1. Select "Render As"

    2. Select "Save as type:" > "Windows Media Video V9 (*.wmv)"

    3. Click button "Custom..."

    4. Click tab "Video"

    5. Select "Image size:" > "(Custom)"

    6. Change Width and Height to desired size.

    7. Click "OK"

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