I can't help it but to me black (American) women look more exotic?

Yes am straight but sometimes I do wish I had there natural build. And there skin always look flawless. I heard of some exercises that can get me the same results but are thoes just rumors? If not can you list them? And how long will it take before I see my results?





And please don't judge me if you do I don't care because when people want surgery they bring in pics of stars who they are aiming for.


No tips : (

Update 2:

....my sister would be considered full....but not in the right places...but I get what you mean but everyone wants to improve themselves by there standards.

Update 3:

whoo king bliss....but thats the kids not me.

Update 4:

But I love dark brown eyes better blue eyes are too over rated.

Update 5:

You do seem to age better my sister Aunt is pale skin and hates the sun but looks older then what she is.

Update 6:

That was stupid everyone is mixed to some degree but all for the nice darker skined ones to thwe light ones I just want there healthy skin and build am asking for advice not your false opinions.

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    Awh... I'm flattered I'm Black -creole descent and we come in all shades from caramel, mocha ,chocolate etc. Most black Americans are mixed it doesn't have that much to to with our complexion more with our history that's why we look different from Africans. Anyway squats, lounges and running is a great way to firm those thighs and shape tha butt in a good way. I cant promise you beyonce or Janet results because its a genetic thing but these exercises will give you muscle in the right places and you will appear health and more shapely these are some of the exercises Beyonce, Janet and Serena Williams live by. GO GURL :)

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    People of color have better skin tone, and better body dynamics. We dont age as quickly, for instance look at Nia Long, who I happen to think is stunning...she looks better now than she did in "Prince of Belair". You are beautiful the way you are....you can exercise of course and take care of your skin, but we have it built into our systems, its like a gene...my family has aged progressively well. My parents are in their forties and look like they ar ein their early 30's....it just depends what you eat, what skin regimen you have etc....but be happy the way you are.

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    thank you sweety..

    go to this wed site it will give you excise tips


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    well thats ok

    I'm attracted to white guys

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    ummm....ummmmm........girl love that chocolate.

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    what kind of wacky self hate is this? exotic to whom? "Natural build?" It's called working out and eating right.... there is no "black" build, but black women are known (whatever THAT means) for allowing themselves to be at a fuller figure than caucasians.

    There are no excersizes to turn you black.

    And the people who bring in pictures in hope that a surgeon can make them into someone else need therapy.

    Learn to love yourself.... or no one else can love you.

    Source(s): such a stereotype... black people do not "age" better... it's called NOT TANNING... Eww what the hell is so wrong with everyone, wanting to be someone else?? Do you know how dumb you must look?
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