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Any home treatment for yeast infection?

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    no, you'll need to see a doctor, or there's a few over the counter remedies, but you have to be positive it's a yeast infection

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    Probiotic cures from drug shops are excellent, however yogurt appears to be a winner. Use a simple yogurt with lively cultures (the acidophilus is helping your frame’s pH phases go back to usual) in it. This will furnish you with a cooling sensation additionally to fight the itching and burning. Wash the field two times an afternoon with hot water earlier than making use of the yogurt, however DO NOT use cleaning soap except this can be a slight, hypo-allergenic corresponding to "Summer's Eve" To take the yogurt a step extra, upload two drops of tea tree oil, which kills yeast and micro organism (and a million drop lavender - non-compulsory). Mix this in a million/two cup of yogurt, combine, and use a vaginal applicator / plastic syringe to insert the yogurt into the vagina. You too can use an applicator out of a Monistat kit or some thing. Just like with a usual cream, lay down instantly after putting the yogurt. Use the yogurt combo for approximately four days AFTER signs subside. Probably a whole of 10 days. Its an extended approach however you'll be able to nonetheless have the yeast overgrowth with NO signs. If at that factor you give up treating it, you would create a extra resistant illness. If signs don't subside, search clinical concentration. This isn't some thing you desire to mess around with. ****Be definite that you simply use natural, healing grade important oil. These are plant extracts with healing houses. If you utilize a perfume oil, you may also extra worsen the trouble. Also attempt to reduce extra sugar out of your nutrition and upload an unsweetened cranberry juice. This will support deal with the present illness as good as avoid long run ones. Also devour professional-biotic yogurt.

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    Yes, you can treat your yeast infection at home. There are several good products on the market (but I don't know their names). You'll find them at the drug store or grocery store where they display tampons, maxipads, etc.

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    bio yogurt is supposed to help ,and you can buy canesten cream from the chemist but its best to see your doc .good luck

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    Hello, I'm a doctor. Use fluconazole. I think that you want to get more info about it. Please go to ---->

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