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More Biology help please!?

From which of the following would an AIDS patient be LEAST likely to suffer?

a) Kaposi's sarcoma or other cancers

b) tuberculosis

c) rheumatoid arthritis

d) pneumonia

e) yeast infections of mucous membranes

Please -- it's not in my book. Thank you!


Thanks you guys - but in my book it says: "Another antibody-mediated autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis , leads to damage and painful inflammation of the cartilage and bone of joints."

Do you guys still think thats the answer...? Thank you for your help!

Update 2:

Sorry, the last detail was in response to arthritis

Update 3:

Sorry guys, I wish I could choose a best answer, but I don't know who to pick! I'm going to put it to a vote. I put A, but it turns out the correct answer was B. Yeah...doesn't make sense to me either... I think I'm going to debate that too with my teacher. Thank you all for your help and I'm sorry again that I couldn't pick a best answer!

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    I'm posititve

    Kaposi's sarcoma is a cancer that causes purple lesions on the skin--most often in men with AIDS

    Tuberculosis, pneumonia, and yeast infections are known as opportunistic infections--infections that healthy individuals can usually fight off, but those who are immuno-compromised have a difficult time fighting these infections.

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  • Anna
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    Hi frou...(been a rough couple years lol) Dont know that I am back, but am for a time anyway. As a devout christian ( I know, here we go again, yes?) and speaking for myself, I find the study of these subjects interesting. even fascinating. In my healthier days, before the spina bifida caught up with me, I prepared herbal teas for folk's ailments . I learned how primarily from two people. My grandfather, and my greatgrammie's sister, who was native american. Dont think I even knew the word biology for quite a few years after Grampa started teaching me at about the age of six or seven. When I realized the "borrowed time" aspect of my life was catching up with me I brought as many herbs home from the woods and fields and started a garden out back. And yes, there were several that could not adapt and still needed to be foraged. Did not hear the word psychology till even after I heard biology ( was introduced to biology in high school and loved the study of it ) Again , it had no impact on me except I could say, "oh that's what they call it" Interesting but all the therapy or introspect I ever needed or will need , for me, is found in the Bible where the one who is the first and greatest counciler of all, and for all times, is to be found as is the answer to every question or problem I ever, ever had or will have. I feel that for some people psychology can be a tremendous help and as for myself, I confess to calling pastor a time and again even for a shoulder to cry on. Thing is tho, psychology, in my opinion, has become abused and caused more problems then the ones that caused folks to seek help in the first place. Also many people who desperately feel they need that help cannot find it for lack of funds. Thing that intriques me most is that those same folks give up on themselves and life for the lack of psychologists. Sad. I do run on , dont I dear? LOL Hope you have been well and happy during my vaca from comps. Penumbra

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    I would choose rheumatoid arthritis. Your book says that it is another immune disorder, not one necessarily related to AIDs.

    Kaposi's sarcoma is of higher prevalence among AIDs sufferers, as are TB, pneumonia, and yeast infections. Chronic problems with those conditions are often clues that someon is suffering from AIDs in the absense of a test.

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    I would say A) cancer. B,D and E are caused by microorganisms and AIDS would comprimise your immune system and prevent your ability to fight them off. A little known fact is that RHEUMATOID arthritis is actually an auto-immune disorder. Your own immune system attacks your joints. So the only answer that doesn't have to do with the immune system is cancer.

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    Hmm, I would say (C), arthritis, becasue it doesn't have to do with the immune system... that's my guess...

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    G) do your own homework! hahaha. Just kiddin it's really D ;-)

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    rheumatoid arthritis

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