What do you think of the name Salome?

It's a girls name, pronounced SAL-oh-MAY. Please rate it out of 10 and comment?

And if I was to use it, should I spell it like this: Salome, or with the little thing on the e like this: Salomé?

And what middle names would you use?

And could you please answer a similar question about the name Jamia:


And vote on my favourite names?


Thanks! :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    At first glance i was like whaa? no. that is a 0. but i'm glad you gave the pronounciation because it grew on me instantly and i really like it now haha :) i would put the acent on the e like the second one because it hints toward the correct pronounciation and looks pretty too x) i would give it a 9 now, actually. it sounds very pretty :) right. middle names...

    Salome Jeanne

    Salome Ivette

    Salome Bijou

    Salome Inez

    Salome Noemi

    i worked hard on that x] i really like this name now haha thank uu x]


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  • 10 years ago

    Ah, well anything that references Wilde can't really be criticised! Therefore, I like it!

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