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? asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 9 years ago

What are your top 5 favorite names (+BQ)?

It's been a while since I've asked this, and I love seeing everyone's favorites =) So, what are your top 5 name combos for each gender? =)

BQ: If you had triplets what would you name them? (you can choose the genders)

BQ2: This is purely optional, but I'd love it if you could vote on my names:

~ Girls names:

~ Boys names:

**If you have a name list, post the link! =D I'd love to vote.



My top 5:

♀ Sophia Rosalie (Sophie)

♀ Winter Everlie

♀ Luna Célestine

♀ Phoebe Alexandra

♀ Lachlan Marie

♂ Danny James

♂ Falcon Nathaniel (Fal)

♂ Storm Alexander

♂ Fallon August (Fal)

♂ Jacob Tyler (Jake)


Update 2:

@ Sterling - Anytime =D Your question was very fun! Thanks for returning the favor! =D

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hey Saki! Thanks for answering mine! I am returning the favor!

    My Favorite names as of 12/20/11 9:43 Pacific time: (getting all technical here)


    -Hazel Elizabeth <3

    - Evangaline Noelle

    - Violet Sophia

    - Ruby Valentina

    - Lola Kate


    - Mackenzie Peter <3

    - Matthew Scott

    - Chandler Jace

    - Emmett Pierce

    - Jackson Oliver

    BQ: G/G/G: Hazel Elizabeth, Violet Sophia & Evangaline Noelle

    B/B/B: Mackenzie Peter, Chandler Jace & Jackson Oliver

    B/B/G: Mackenzie Peter, Chandler Jace & Hazel Elizabeth

    G/G/B: Hazel Elizabeth, Evangaline Noelle & Mackenzie Peter

    BQ2: Sure! *goes to Vote*

    Source(s): Scotty McCreery <3
  • 9 years ago


    1. Isobel Kathleen

    2. Serena Jane

    3. Emmeline Georgia

    4. Ivy Cordelia

    5. Leah Charlotte


    1. Lucas Andrew

    2. Alastair Charles

    3. William Drake

    4. Roman Alexander

    5. Elliott Arthur

    From yours, I love Sophia Rosalie and Luna Celestine!!

    BQ: I'd have two boys and a girl named Lucas Andrew, Alastair Charles & Isobel Kathleen (all middles are family names).

    BQ2: Voted :)

    Here's mine, I haven't updated it in a while though so the combos will be a little different:

  • Ooh, fun! I think I'm a little extra excited about this since I haven't been on here at all the past few months and I'm eager to share some of my favorites again. :) My top five for each gender are as follows:

    Boys ~

    1. Donovan George (Donnie)

    2. Jason Conrad

    3. Gavin Ezra (Gav)

    4. Bennett Leon (Ben)

    5. Edwin Arthur

    Girls ~

    1. Leona May

    2. Laura Noelle

    3. Antonia Katherine (Annie)

    4. Claire Henrietta

    5. Nora Laverne

    BQ1 ~ I'll go with two girls and one boy: Leona May, Laura Noelle, and Donovan George.

    BQ2 ~ Done! I have a couple name lists, but they're not updated right now, sorry. :/

    Have a Blessed Christmas!

    EDIT: Here's my list: :)

  • 9 years ago


    Linnae Allison June

    Rosalie Ramona Lynne

    Charlotte Mae Kathleen

    Audrey Louise Aadyn

    Annalise Talia Grace


    Jace Allen James 

    Caiden Eli Sawyer 

    Alexander Robert Jude

    BQ: A boy and two girls: Caiden Eli Sawyer, Linnae Allison June, and Risalie Ramona Lynne.

    BQ2: I'll vote,(:

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Elodie Raine

    Alana Nicole

    Elisabeth Jolee

    Cicely Marie

    Emma Jade

    Liam Thomas

    Tristan Scott

    Rylan Oliver

    Ashton Kade

    Spencer Michael

    BQ: Elodie Raine, Elisabeth Jolie, Elaina Nicole.

    BQ 2: i voted

  • 9 years ago


    Phoebe Elizabeth

    Alyssa Kate

    Brigitte Tara

    Cordelia Faith (Cordie)

    River Charlotte


    Jackson Cole

    Lucas James

    Andrew Tyler (Drew)

    Dorian Edward

    Matthew Jacob (Matt)

    BQ: Phoebe Elizabeth Tara, Alyssa Jade Catherine, Jackson Cole Edward

    BQ2: I always vote for your names when you update them, good thinking making separate male/female lists! Here's my main one:

    From your top 5, I love Luna Celestine, Phoebe Alexander, and Jacob Tyler! (All the first names are favourites of my own as well :P)


    Help with character names?;_ylt=At04I...

  • i really like Sophia Rosalie, Danny James, and Jacob Tyler from your lists!!:)


    Aaliyah Riley

    Alexis Maci

    Lauren Aubrey

    Mackenzie Danielle

    Cassidy Raine


    Kaleb Mason

    Liam Tyler

    Owen Lucas

    Austin Blake

    Benjamin Andrew

    BQ: triplets-2 boys & 1 girl: Kaleb Mason, Owen Lucas, & Aaliyah Riley

    BQ2: i'll vote

    btw: Merry Christmas to you too!!:)


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    × Emilia Ruby

    × Viola Cecily

    × Clara Juliet

    × Aurelia Hazel

    × Alice Matilda

    × Caspian Jude

    × Miles Benjamin

    × Adrian Castiel

    × Theodore Zachary

    × Alastair Roman

    BQ: 2 girls and one boys:

    -Emilia Ruby, Alice Matilda and Caspian Jude.

    BQ2: Voted :) I really like Luna Celestine, Sophia Rosalie, Evelyn Genevieve, Tea Cecily and Aria Summer for a girl. For a boy I LOVE Archer Flynn, Declan Seth, Cassius Edwin, Evander Theo, Miles Xavier, Caspian Augustus and Jasper Kai.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    9 years ago


    1. Miley Aurora (Mya)

    2. Victoria Jasmine (Tori)

    3. Olivia Belle (Liv or Livi)

    4. Sophia Arielle (Sophie)

    5. Gwendolyn Marie (Gwen)


    1. Nathan Drake (Nate)

    2. Lucas Alexander (Luke)

    3. Jacob Tyler (Jake)

    4. James Patrick (Jamie)

    5. Elijah Ross (Eli)

    BQ: Miley Aurora (Mya), Victoria Jasmine (Tori), and Nathan Drake (Nate)

    BQ2: Sure, :)

  • 9 years ago

    From your lists I like: Sophia Rosalie, Phoebe Alexandra, & Jacob Tyler.

    ♂ Top 5:

    - Alexander David

    - Nathaniel Isaiah

    - Christopher John

    - William Henry

    - Julian Elias (Julian Elliot is close behind Julian Elias)

    ♀ Top 5:

    - Lauren Elisabeth

    - Grace Audrey

    - Layla Jane

    - Kristen Bailey

    - Audrey Sara (Theresa Marion is close behind Audrey Sara)

    BQ1: Alexander David, Nathaniel Isaiah, & Lauren Elisabeth

    BQ2: Voted

    ♥ נєѕѕι¢α נαηє {ℓgм † єѕρ}

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