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So Michael jackson announces a 50 day tour, takes all the money and then dies?

Some claim that he may even have made over 9000 dollars and that he has performed about 100 times. What are your views? Do you thing he is still alive? I'm sure that minds will be blown..


Yes Natalie, but what sort of sick person would molest children? Michael Jackson. You are not looking past his stage persona.

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    Yeah like i was just kinda making up my own opinion and i thought he didn't really die and he pretended to die so he wouldn't go on tour and people would bye his albums and he would get all the money but hes most likely dead

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    Yup. you're remarkable! he's not in all hazard ineffective. he's in simple terms controlled to fool the finished international into believing he's ineffective. yet he's truly hiding out interior the savannahs of Africa alongside with Biggie Smalls, Tupac, and John Lennon.

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    What kind of sick person would fake a death for money? Yes, he had issues but he is not faking a death. He is dead and he should be remembered for the good things he did.

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    I thought it was a hoax at first. Just cause of his fame, you never know if stuff is a rumour or not.

    I hope this doesn't turn into an Elvis thing. They're both dead. Okay?

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    Far out...... he's dead ok.... is brother made a statement revealing details..... instead of trying to make up some crap conspiracy just take it; he's dead..... RIP jacko..... thriller.......

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    no he is absolutly and totally dead. its on all the news channels

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