How to make a person come up and talk to u in rpg maker 2003?

Ok i want to start the game with my character walking and someone says Hi and then my character turns around that person walks up to my character and they start talking

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The simplest method (and easiest to adapt) is with an "autoevent". For this example, the NPC event is 5 squares to the right of the Hero position.

    Create a blank event and set the "Trigger Condition" to "Auto-Start". In the "Event Commands", place the following:

    <>Move Event: Hero, Move Left, Move Left

    <>Wait: 0.8 Sec

    <>Message: Hey!\|\^

    <>Wait: 0.8 Sec

    <>Move Event: Hero, Face Right

    <>Move Event: NPC, Move Towards Hero

    <>Wait: 1.8 Sec

    <>Message: It's good to see you,\n[1]!

    The Hero will move left two squares, the NPC will shout (and will automatically enter - no keypress), the Hero will turn around, the NPC will run up to the Hero, then will say "It's good to see you..." (with the \n[1] switch being the name of the Hero you set up in the Database).

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