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What is the very best "Stone Cold" Steve Austin WWE grudge match of all time? Choices listed in detail Plus BQ?

What is the very best "Stone Cold" Steve Austin WWE grudge match of all time?

Which of these matches were the best grudge match no holds barred match of all

time in the Wwe? And why was this the best match? Best answer will get 10 PTS.

~Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon (No Way Out/ Valentines Day 1999)

~Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock (Wrestlemania 15 1999)

~ Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Rikishi (No Mercy 2000)

~Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Triple H (Survivor Series 2000)

~Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Eric Bischoff (No Way Out 2003)

BQ:) Do you think Kofi Kingston will ever reach the main event level status in the

Wwe? Will Kofi Kingston be in the main event picture much how Booker T was a

few years ago winning the Champions of Champions match essentially the King

of the Ring. Will Kofi Kingston be a World Champion? Yes or No. Explain Answer.

BQ2:) If Nigel McGuiness aka Desmond Wolfe didn't fail his physical last year in

the pre-screening to work for World Wrestling Entertainment. Would he have been

a better wrestler in the Wwe compared to him jobbing sometimes in TNA Wrestling

I mean imagine they could of had both Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuiness. Or is

he just better off in TNA Wrestling and is he going to be a future World Champion?

BQ3:) Should the Wwe bring back the Cruiserweight Title or Light Heavyweight Title?

I think they should so that wrestlers like Evan Bourne, Primo, Yoshi Tatsu, Zac Ryder,

Chavo Guerrero, Dos Caras Jr. who says he's going to take Rey Mysterio Jr.'s place

when he retires so that those guys could wrestle in that division for that particular belt?

Thank You. The best answers with the best reasons to each answer get the 10 points.


To user I Curse You Hogan!!! Be respectful on

here when you are answering questions I'm not asking this question because they're both

African American I'm just saying Kofi Kingston

does remind me of a young Booker T and I do

think with his wins over Randy Orton and his feud with Randy Orton that was the first step in

the process of getting a push to be a future champion in the Wwe if anything Kofi really does deserve a chance in the main event picture not "The Chosen One" Drew Mcintyre.

Edit Additional Choices:

Wrestlemania 14 (1998)

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels

Wrestlemani 13 (1997)

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart

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    I have to go with Wrestlemania 13, as well. Sharpshooter explained it perfectly and I couldn't agree more. That picture of Austin, bloody face contorted in agony as he refuses to submit, is as iconic a "moment" as there has ever been in pro wrestling.

    BQ: I don't think Kofi will be a "world" Champ in the WWE; he'll get main event matches now and then, but as a "regular", I don't think so. Kofi is just not "larger than life" in any way. He's popular, and a great performer, but he just doesn't have the "superstar" aura, that something "extra", that WWE main eventers and World Champs need. Kofi is not physically intimidating, like a Batista or an Undertaker; he isn't intimidating on the mic, either, like Edge or Kane; and he doesn't have a menacing gimmick, like Orton or Triple H. Kofi's a great performer (and I'm a big fan), but he's just not "larger than life" enough to be a poster boy for the WWE.

    BQ2: TNA was the right choice for McGuinness. He's basically the same Nigel McGuinness he was in ROH and he got over immediately in TNA because those fans already knew him. I have no idea what sort of gimmick Vince would have put on him but it would not have worked as well as "Desmond Wolfe" has in TNA. 'Course, it helped tremendously that KURT ANGLE was his first real opponent; Vince would have put him on ECW a la Vance Archer. Vance Archer still isn't very over; a lot of people underestimate how much of an impact getting "WWE-ized" has on a well-known wrestler coming in to the WWE. Vince tried to "WWE-ize" Bryan Danielson with that "Daniel Bryan" gimmick and found out it didn't work; Danielson is just too well-known, even to Vince's "WWE universe". McGuinness doesn't have quite the name-recognition and fame Danielson has, but he ain't just some product of Vince's basement lab. A lot of the "WWE universe" would know who Nigel McGuinness is, and to "Vance Archer" him, probably would not have worked. Maybe eventually McGuinness would have worked his way up to where he is now in TNA (main eventer and World Title contender {he IS in the top ten contender's list}), maybe he would have remained a "Vance Archer", hard to say. But one thing is certain, in TNA he's a marquee player. A great performer, a great wrestler, and he's over big-time.

    I will be surprised if Desmond Wolfe is NOT TNA World Champ before the year is over.

    BQ3: A little preface: Dos Caras Jr is a good performer but he's not, nor ever will be, Rey Mysterio. He's MUCH larger and has a different style from Rey. There are a lot of CMLL wrestlers who COULD be the "next Rey Mysterio", but Dos Caras Jr isn't one of them. The leading candidate would be Mistico. Hmm, maybe Mistico is TOO "Rey Mysterio"-like?

    Anyhoo, it's almost criminal that Vince has so many talented cruiserweights and doesn't have a cruiserweight championship to showcase them. Every other promotion has a championship for the smaller wrestlers to contend for. I know Vince "loves the big guys" and there is that old fallacy that "big guys sell tickets" and few care about the guys Kevin Nash calls "vanilla midgets", but with the amount of discussion over the lack of a WWE Cruiserweight Championship just in this section alone, you would think Vince would see that the demand for the cruiserweights is there.

    It's a shame that the more talented, quicker, faster, high-flying cruiserweights in the WWE are getting rag-dolled and beaten by guys much larger (and less talented). Vince doesn't even try to put them in "underdog" roles; they are just fodder for his big heavyweights to toss around. Vince doesn't have to shove the Cenas, Ortons, and Edges aside; just give the cruiserweights something more productive (and profitable) to do than get tossed around for nothing more than to make a heavyweight look better than he is.

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    Based on the descriptions and my honest choice [usually biased] I fit AB and O with none of the negatives though my confidence may be perceived for arrogance Sun - Aquarius Moon - Aries Again bias from selection :/.... people choose what they choose and it may not be the truth also only 4 types... Dunno my actual blood type :/... but I wouldn't be surprised if it was AB or O... though that is 50% chance combined If I had to fit each to an element O = Fire or Water B = Fire + Sag + Pisces maybe Water AB = Air or Earth definitely A = Earth... specifically Virgo.... Also Fixed Signs and Water signs, probably fixed Water too These descriptions are a bit too much of each sign and not hard wired into a clear decision But again like the previous question I would say if someone had like a setup with Cancer sun Scorpio moon and lots of water with no Air and then "Got" [Chose] Sanguine... I would be like duuuuuuuuuuuude.............BS!!!!!!!!!!... Liar!! Unlike other people I'm not politically correct, I'm honest... And astrologers don't like working backwards, or saying a sign isn't more of "this, or 'that" ... I have no interest in doing that especially if it's the truth....

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    I choose Stone cold steve austin vs Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 13 was the best..

    BQ: Probably..

    BQ2: it would be interesting if Wolfe/McGuinness went to the WWE, But i tink hé's better off at TNA, Hopefully he will be World Champion by tis year, Wolfe is indeed one of the best..

    BQ3: Dat is the only way they can create some competition between smaller guys, dat is if they bring back the Cruiserweight title...

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  • 10 years ago

    Austin/Rock. These two, in the WWF, just Absolutely hated each other. I remember some great segments leading up to that match and for that I award it as Stone Cold's best Grudge match, IMO.

    BQ: No. Kofi is too much of a cartoon character babyface that could not be taken seriously as champion. I just don't see it happening.

    BQ2: I like the current angle with Desmond Wolfe in TNA, and I'm happy he went to TNA opposed to WWE. He's not as big as an Indy name as Bryan, so the WWE probably would have just beat him down like they did Colt Cabana.

    BQ3: Cruiserweight title would be fun to see. Great replacement for...ugh...WWECW Title. Especially with all the new young highflying talent.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Stone Cold vs Bret Hart Survivor Series 1996, Austin as the heel Bret as the face

    BQ: He will eventually, but people need to stop saying he's Booker T. Just cuz they're both black doesn't mean jack sh*t

    BQ2: He opted to go to TNA because WWE would of sent him to FCW while TNA promised him a good spot on TV right away, so he chose TNA

    BQ3: They would never use the division right, so no they should not

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    im not gonna go into great detail, its alot of questions and counter points, so im going to keep simple.

    1.stone cold vs brett hart, mcmahon was great and entertaining but i like fueds better between wrestlers, not a rock fan BTW

    2 i think the comparison between booker and kofi are spot on, but i dont think kofi is the black star to pin the belt on that the wwe is looking for. it wouldnt shock me if they did thogh, he is popular and they hand out belts like candy on halloween

    3 wolfe was a talented indy wrestler and a great technnichal wrestler, tna will push him slowly and are making good use of him, i wouldnt say hes jobbing, he has been used in impact main events and tna was probably a better step for him to get serious recognition

    4 absolutley, its a great weight class and title, i would preffer it to be the cruiserweight title if only one was brought back but wwe has two shows so there is no harm in bringing both back.

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  • 10 years ago

    Stone Cold vs The Rock is the best feud ever.

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    Originally, I was going to say The Rock vs Austin at Wrestlemania 15, 1999, but then I saw the addtional detail and lets me just say, Wrestlemania 13, Austin vs Bret Hart is probably the best match Austin has ever been in. The matches with the Rock comes second. Orginally, with the match with the Rock, I would had said that it had everything. Close calls, brutal matches, and it didn't go to far with running people over like in certain matches. *cough-Rikishi and HHH* It was simple, but brutal. Plus the match, it self, told a story. There was frustration coming from the Rock. There was a sense of heel vs face, where the corporation got involved. Then there was justice for the little man as Mankind came out to help Stone Cold Even the Odds. Perfect story of how simple man and weirdos (Stone Cold and Mankind) can triumph over a huge power. This match was just great in every way. The set up, the storyline, the epic brutal beating, and the end where both men are reversing moves. Just amazing.

    But it has to be Bret Hart vs Stone Cold. Best match, doesn't even need the category of grudge, ever, by Stone Cold. And its not just my opinion, hell, this match won match of the year. I can't say that it had a great storyline like the Rock, but the match quality alone, over shadows that. This was the match where we all saw what Austin was capable of. For one thing, he wasn't some simple angry red neck, but a guy that kept up with the excellence of execution. Plus the ending for the match was amazing. Austin refusing to tap out in a pool of his own blood and after the match, Bret Hart continues his assault. I mean, the guy that was the heros to kids turns heel in one match while Austin turns face and doesn't change at all. It must be one hell of a grudge match to force a huge babyface at the time like Bret Hart to be a jack@ss.

    BQ: I believe Kofi Kingston will be world champion someday. At least, either him or R-Truth. Sadly, its true, WWE said that are hoping to make the next big African American star to a similar status like Booker T. So I think one of those two men will get the push, but in my opinion, it will be Kofi first. I think WWE really sees something in him. I remembered that he screwed something up during his feud with Orton and they gave him a second chance (cause he was jobbing after that feud). I think WWE sees a lot of potential in him. And lets see, we all know that he works with the crowd. He is a talented wrestler, and he has already been a tag and mid-card champ. I do believe he will add a world title to that resume. With Smackdown, mid-carders like Kofi can grow.

    BQ2: Honestly, if he did sign with WWE, I don't think he would had been brought up to the main roster right away like on TNA. Something tells me, he would had been a part of NXT. Thats just how WWE works. They don't just put the small guys on the main roster right away like most bigger talent, otherwise, I would be sure that Bryan Danielson would had been on Raw the minute they signed him. So McGuiness is a good wrestler, but something in my gut says he wouldn't had had as great a role on WWE as he already does in WWE. I mean, I would love to see that type of talent on WWE, but I think he is better off in TNA. Now thats a place for him to really show off his talent. I mean, look at Bryan's moveset at the moment. Its like what, 10% of his entire arsenal? And I think he will win the world title at some point, I mean, he has already been a contender for it. If TNA really does listen to the fans like they claim, they would had see in the votes that they wanted Desmond Wolfe to wrestle for the world title. I think TNA will deliver what the fans want.

    BQ3: YES. I strongly believe this. Not only would it give a chance for guys like Evan Bourne and Chavo to excell, but it creates storylines and probably delievered some of the best matches ever. I think the most stupid thing WWE ever did was let Hornswoggle win the title and then vacant it for good. I'm not gonna lie, the crusierweight division was one of the top things that Smackdown offered that made it better then Raw. It was very successful and is a lot better then the divas title. For once, WWE should listen to TNA. Look how successful the X-Division is and at how many stars benefited from that. AJ Styles. Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe. etc. Heck, it was the crusierweight division that made Rey the big star it is today. Plus, like most of the wrestlers you listed, most of them are minorities. The one problem WWE has right now is appealing to the minorities. Mexico and Japan have some of the greatest wrestlers that would suit the light weight division, and at the same time, they can make stars off it. So for me, Thats a huge Yes.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Ausin vs Rock at Mania 15 easy.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Stone Cold vs The Rock

    BQ: No but he's an asset to the WWE.

    BQ2: probably

    BQ3: No.

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