What do I need to do in order to become a gemologist?

I am in highschool and I want to become a gemologist.

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    To become a gemologist, you only need to get a gemology diploma. To become a competent gemologist however, you need a combination of a gemology diploma and plenty of experience in the gem and jewelry Industry.

    Diploma in Gemology

    Try the GIA for a Graduate Gemologist diploma(GG). It will cost about $14K on campus and $7K off-campus. Alternatively, the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) in Bangkok (one of the gem industry's best kept secrets) offers an equivalent diploma (Accredited Gemologist/AG) at less than half the price and twice the experience! This should take you about 6 months if you're studying full-time.

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    Experience in the Jewelry Industry

    As someone already in this industry, I can assure you that there is no substitute for experience in this field. Many employers will be looking for this, especially in the appraisal line. However, we all have to start from somewhere...if you are totally new to this and haven't got time to do a 6-month diploma program yet, you may want to get a crash course in gems and jewelry. For e.g. the Accredited Jewelry Professional Diploma offered by the GIA. It's $600 (correspondence only) and can be completed in 35 days. Certification is desirable but may not be essential for entry-level staff as some employers will provide on the job training and subsequent formal training.

    Hope that helps! And good luck in your chosen career!

    Source(s): I LOVE gemstones and I used to teach gemology.
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    How To Become Gemologist

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    See if you can get some experience working in a good jewelery store. Tell the owner or manager that it is your amibition to become a certified gemnologist. My father owned a jewelery store way back and he had a few workers who started with him and went on to get their professional qualifications.

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  • Anonymous
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    Change your name to something jewish, then go to jewelry shops and ask to become an apprentice.

    Remember to act jewish, they may try to test you by leaving pennies lying about, whatever you do, pick them up and stuff them into your pockets. Try not to vomit if you find yourself in a situation involving motza ball soup.

    Jews own this trade and will only help out other jews, good luck to you sir. Oy Vey.

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