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How to purchase Jade Jewelry and not get ripped off?

I will be travelling to Hong Kong for vacation and would like to purchase some Jade jewelry. If there are any Jewelers out there with advice on how to proceed, I would love to hear from them.

I am already aware of the Hong Kong Tourism "stamp of approval" so I can shop at "endorsed" dealers, but I'd still like to be an educated customer.

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    Jade is one of the most difficult gemstones to buy if you don't know a reliable source or if you don't know your jade. And I say this despite being a collector of jade and a gemologist by profession.

    Hong Kong? If you are looking or something fine, try the Emperor group of jewellers. Of course, there are other reliable jewelers (the chains usually are), but you must be prepared to pay a premium for reliability.

    If you are going to local markets like the famous Jade Market, then be prepared for imitations, simulants and plenty of treated and dyed material. On the other hand, it's not expensive and it can be very enjoyable hunting for jade there. You might even find something nice for a reasonable price. (I did!!!)

    Before you buy anything, you should have some idea of how to differentiate fine quality jade from commercial & utility quality jade. Here are some guidelines:


    Greens and Lavenders command most, followed by fancy colors like red, yellow, black etc. Look for pure and intense color. Undetones of grey or brown are not desirable.


    Color alone is not enough. Good jade must also have a good translucency and texture. Visualise a glowing glob of pure color that has a glassy or honey-like texture! It should also be free from blemishes such as clouds (white inclusions), black spots, distracting veining and host rock material.

    Cut & Carat

    The ideal size for a cabachon is approximately the dimensions of a man's thumbnail. It should be balanced, sufficiently thick and polished to a glossy luster. The luster should look as if it is wet or oily. You may have observed many stones of rather attractive coloring that unfortunately look dull and/or dry. This is undesirable. It is not known widely, but it takes a goodcraftsman is able to "read" the graining of the rough material to get the best polish. Jade that is cut too thin projects a false translucency and suffers durability problems.

    A premium is paid for antique jades, antique jade jewelry, and good jade carvings.

    See my full answer here:;_ylt=Agdz6...

    Hope that helps! And don't forget to have fun!

    Source(s): I LOVE gemstones especially Jade! I also used to teach gemology.
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    If you know jade well and know what is and what is not good you are ok. Qulity does cost. Cheap jewelery is just that.

    I live near Hong Kong and have met many that have spent a lot of money and find out that the dury and all makes what they bought nearly worthless for resale.

    If you know jade well then you can find some very good items and probably make money from them.

    If you do not know jewelery well then you most likely will spend money for nothing.

    If you see something you really like and you are going to wear it or use it then no problem.

    That stamp of aproval does not mean very much. Mostly it is a gimic to get people to believe and pay.

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