hey, ok so i'm writing this essay on mr hyde, from robert stevensons, "the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde"

i need to mention the symbolism of his name (mr hyde.. hide) and the symbolism of the times/places he makes his apperences.

i get that he's hiding his true identity but if someone could make that sound smart and into a good sentence i will be soooo thankful !

- i suck at english and this essay is due tomorro :( !

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    1 decade ago
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    "He conceals his true self so that no one can unveil his shocking discovery of a potion that changes one's inner and outer form." At least, that's my opinion. I had to write and english paper on that book too in 6th grade. it would help if i knew the exact topic of the essay because there are so many reasons why he hid his identity

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