Should I teach? I love kids but hate politics?

I recently obtained a master's degree in Creative Writing, and had always imagined that I would teach and write. But, this past year I worked as an Instructional Aide and saw so many negative things about teaching that I feel very turned off. Here's my deal:

I actually LOVED the kids that I worked with, but found it very hard disciplining them. They don't respect or listen to me, and though I was terrific working one-on-one, I couldn't hold their interest at all when I was in front of the class. I also saw a lot of disenchanted teachers who seemed to hate their job and complain all day about the kids. I saw evil office politics, bizarre administration rules, and ridiculous educational policies overwhelming the teachers.

Please give me some insight about this problem. I have this idealistic dream of what teaching is, but I don't like the reality.

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    It sounds to me like you are thinking that in order to teach you have to teach in a school. Consider teaching in an environment that does not require you to submit to the evil, bizarre, and ridiculous stuff that you experienced in that school.

    Consider teaching through other kinds of programs. There is a non-profit teen cafe in my town that hosts writing groups. Maybe you could find a similar kind of organization that would allow you to offer classes or facilitate writing groups. Consider tutoring. Consider working with alternative schools, private schools, home schoolers, and/or youth oriented service organizations.

    If you have the passion to teach you should teach, but don't sacrifice your sanity in the process. Do not settle for a crazy making organization, it's not worth it. You might have to be creative and innovative to make it work, but what better use can you make of your life than expressing your talents in service of educating youth?

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    If this is your dream, GO FOR IT. There will be politics in every job and every school. If you don't like the school that you are teaching in, you can always transfer to another. While there is no perfect school, there are some that are better than others. I also agree with the person who said "stay out of the teacher's lounge" other words, stay away from negative talk, it will only bring you down.

    If you can afford it, see if you can obtain a part-time position as a Creative Wriiting teacher. That way, you can get a taste of what it is all about.

    Lastly, students need teachers who WANT to be there and who can make learning fun. Usually students who take creative writing WANT to do it, and aren't just there because they have to be there. I would go for it.

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    Best about teaching: 1. The kids are great! They are funny, kind, caring, and provide you with the best stories that you will ever hear. They are also brutally honest so you will always know if your outfit doesn't match! 2. I love lesson planning! I love to think of new ideas and ways for me to make learning fun. I teach high school social studies and a lot of kids have this automatic aversion to it. I love it when the kids are excited about what they are learning and tell me that my class is their favorite. 3. I just love teaching itself. I love interacting with the students and I love being able to give them knowledge about their world. It's really rewarding. Worst about teaching: 1. First off I have to say that one of the things that I don't like about teaching are people like the 1st commenter who believes that teachers have it easy and are paid too much. If you don't teach, you really don't have any idea how much it takes to do what we do. We deal with parents, administrators, and children who all want different things and are impossible to make happy all of the time. Also, for someone who has a masters degree, I'm not sure that our salary really matches the pay scales of people in the private sector. I've figured it out previously that with the hours I put in that I make something like $10-15 an hour. My students can make around that working part time jobs! 2. Paper work! I just am not a fan. It is of course an important part of teaching and there are few jobs that don't require it but I just do not enjoy it at all! 3. Parents---I know that's not a great thing to put out there but I have had a lot of negative experiences. Not that they are mean to me but that they do not have high expectations for their children. I have so many students who have few rules at home or have rules that are not enforced. When they are failing and I call home, parents often respond by saying that is typical of their child and that they guess they will take the class in summer school. That was never acceptable with my parents and I just feel like my students could achieve more if they were supported both at home and at school.

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    Loving kids is a BIG plus; however, having a hard time keeping control or holding the students' interest could lead to many headaches and heartaches ahead for you. Idealists who have little experience think "If I love the kids, all will turn out well." Not true. In classrooms where the teacher has little control, little learning is accomplished. Children need lots of structure. Perhaps you should take some courses on classroom management. As far as politics--this holds true for all jobs! Stay out of the teachers' lounge, and always be a positive influence.

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  • DrIG
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    You may be getting a distorted view of teaching. You should not expect to be thought of as a "regular" teacher by the students. They regard you a an aide and when in a group they consider you to be inferior to a regular teacher.

    When you take education classes and student teaching you will learn many techniques to develop and to hold student interest and how to control a class. Do not hold yourself now to that standard before you have received the training.

    I am sorry that you have found so many who hate their jobs. That probably shows in how they instruct a class. They should leave teaching.

    When you are in one position you do not necessarily understand the whole picture of why the administration does certain things just as students do not sometimes understand why their teacher does certain things.

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    hi, perhaps its a matter of time .. to actually allow you and the kids to get to know you the person rather than you the teacher. teaching is a wonderful profession and you are to be commended for the pathway you've taken. keep up the good work!

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    I would tell you to following your heart. If that's what you love to do, do it despite the disappointment.

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