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What EXACTLY is the illuminati?

I've been researching what it is for a while but it doesn't seem to make sense. An organization against god or something then they talk about jay z being affiliated with it yet he is with beyonce who is a Christian ? I'm very confused haha, please explainnn. :)


You caught me out :( yes I am the illuminati

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    I know everything about them! First, what you must know about the Illuminati is that they can tell when you're typi

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    Jay z and other artists don't have anything to do with illuminati, that's just misinformation.

    The real illuminati are the worlds 13 most powerful families who rule the world from behind the scenes. These families have been around for many hundreds if not thousands of years. They are the ones who control the world banks, most governments, media, corporations, etc.....

    Research New world order, 25 illuminati goals, Project bluebeam Conspiracy, and FEMA camps

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    I can give you two places to check out:

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    i agree with you....

    They are a well organised group trying to conquer the world.... By making people throw the rockafella sign? Thats crazy....

    They are going to brainwash us and they've even enlisted OBAMA to help..... By starting the National Health Insurance?

    Whoa it seems everyone plus their mother is in the illuminati these days

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    its just a general name for all the corruption thats going on... some people say theyre devil worshipers but i say theyre big banks that like money and dont do it for the religion part

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    it's YOU. you should be very ASHAMED OF YOURSELF

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    They are satanists and basically try to brainwash people through pop-music etc. look for triangle symbols etc.

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