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what is a five ct ruby (from afghanistan) in poor condition worth?

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    If you've put this question in "Investing", then it is worth nothing. Gemstones of poor quality (ie. poor color, clarity and /or cut) are not worth your investment unless they have something special about them - ie. they are extremely rare or they have a unique or special inclusion etc.

    You haven't elaborated why you think your stone is of "poor condition" so it's difficult to say how much its monetary worth might be. It depends largely on color, clarity and cut.

    Assess your stone by asking yourself these questions:

    Is it a pure red? Pinkish-red? Orangy-red? Or does the red have undesirable brown modifiers? Is it transparent? Is it translucent or opaque? Are there visible inclusions? Are they distracting? Do they affect the stones aesthetics and/or durability? Is it cut well? Is the stone cut too deep or too shallow? Is it balanced?

    Stones that are pure red, transparent, eye clean & well cut will fetch the highest market prices. Stones with poor color that are opaque, included and poorly finished will not be worth very much.

    Send me an IM with an url to a photo and I'll try to help

    Source(s): Me - I'm a gemologist and a gem dealer.
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  • 6 years ago

    what is your email, im in the same boat.

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