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what is it to to be an hero?

hey a lot of people on the internet and on halo have been telling me to go 'an hero'. wat is taht?

they say it is good for me and they will be very happy with me

what the heck is it???

is it that cool? is it illegal or involvin sex?


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    An heroes are people who kill themselves over stupid ****, or people who kill other people because they had a bad day. I think the people in Halo are doing it wrong by telling you to become an hero. What stupid thing have you done that would make you an hero if you killed yourself? Simply tell them they are made of fail and are quite possibly furfags. =)

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    Are you acting like an @ss. It has to do with people killing themselves or doing stupid things like shooting up schools.

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    you must have been a total *** to be told that.

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