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My daughter wants to become a stripper?

I'm sure many of you have fallen on hard times with this recession. My wife and I have both lost our jobs and now we are surviving on welfare payments. Me and my wife are in no hurry to get back into the workplace.

Now 2 years ago when my daughter was 13, she asked me if she could have pole-dancing lessons. I outright refused at first, because I thought the last thing a thirteen year old girl should be doing is dancing seductively. She showed me how it is done, and, let me say I was impressed. She seemed to enjoy it, and it keeps her figure nice and thin. So I accepted and she's been having lessons for the past 2 years.

Well now she has grown into a shapely, attractive 15 year old, who looks very mature for her age. She expressed that she would like to become a stripper, as she is very popular with boys already and she thinks that this will be easy money. I, as her father am happy for her to follow her dreams. However, becoming a stripper at the tender age of 15 sounds a little seedy. Do you think i should let her?

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    You're a rood dood, alright. What kind of values do you have that you would even entertain this idea? You should do everything you can to stop her. When she moves out, well, you can't do much. But you can as long as she lives under your roof!

    And hey- what does your wife think about this? I'm sure she's 100 percent against this.


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    No, of course you shouldn't let her. One it's not healthy, and two, it's illegal. In most all countries it is illegal. Most often strippers have to be 21 years old, and others 18 years old. She has a long way to go.

    Also she is a minor, and if you allow her to do something that could very well mess her life up, you are a not a good parent and she may resent you for it, or you may get into trouble with the law as being her "pimp" because you and your wife "are not in a hurry to get back into the workplace" for what reason, because you'd rather stay on welfare I guess. Another poor example as a parent.

    I think this is a trolling question, if not, then all of the above applies, and more that I can say without getting in trouble myself.

  • What kind of father would be happy to tell the world that his 15 year old daughter has grown up to be "Shapely" and that he's impressed with her Pole dancing skills.

    What's seedy about this mate is the way you actually talk about your daughter, your either having a laugh at our expense or you really are a dirty old man who is more than happy to let his daughter get her kit off for like minded people as yourself!

    Get your head out of your own ar@e and join the real world and teach your daughter to have more respect for herself as you obviously couldn't give a toss about her!

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    Definitely not! Because of course she wants too now, but everyone at school would be like "look at that slut" and I can tell you right now, that's not what she wants to be thought of by everyone she knows. Plus, you as her parent are going to be extremely criticized. If she wants to be a stripper, let her do it but not until she is at least 18. And also...IF she becomes a stripper at this age I can guarantee she won't be a virgin for much longer and I'm sure you don't want your daughter to be pregnant at 15! Please...Do this for your daughter...don't be her her father.

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    I must say, you are either posting false scenarios for the amusement of the answers you might receive or you are truly a troubled man. First, if this is a false post, why waste your time and those who might believe you are telling the truth so as to waste the time of those trying to aid you in your farce of a lie? Second, if this is true, then I would have to say that you finding your young daughter's pole dancing impressive is seriously immoral; plus, come on, do you really believe that anyone would fall for her getting pole dancing lessons? Please do us all a favor and get a grip on yourself and do something productive. Stop degrading Yahoo's informational system.

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    This question gives me all kinds of bad feelings. I really hope this is fake. No you should not let your 15 year old daughter even think about becoming a stripper. And what kind of parents would let their daughter have pole dancing lessons?? And what kind of father would sit and watch and be impressed????

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    There is no way a 15 year old should EVER be a stripper! The fact that you, her father, are even considering it and asking this question on yahoo answers really makes me question your parenting abilities. You shouldn't have even let your daughter take pole dancing lessons in the first place. If she wants easy money have her work at McDonald's or some other place where she won't be thought of as a slut/whore and be made fun of by her peers.

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    Is this some kind of joke?The fact that you even have to ask this question is a little seedy,the fact that you allowed your 13 yo to have pole dancing lessons is a little seedy.The fact that someone is giving pole dancing lessons to a 13 yo is a little seedy.

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    well you gave her permission to learn how and you even (her father) was impressed. There were other ways for her to keep her self fit and trim. what else was she going to do with the experience of pole dancing.And I think its against the law for minors to be anywhere there is booze being sold and also being naked in front of adults being paid to strip at her age is also I think against the law too.

    What were you thinking?

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    When your kid plays piano, he/she could end up a pianist. When he/she plays football, he/she could end up in the NFL. When you send them to pole dancing class, where do you think she is headed? NASA ?

    When she hits 18 years of age you should let us know where she works and then we can judge for ourselves if we think she should stay in the business or not.

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