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Astrology question?

OK, I'm not sure whether or not I believe in this stuff, but if anyone is knowledgeable about it and wants to clue me it, that'd be great. I'm an Aquarius and the guy I like is a Libra. What can you tell me about these signs? Think they're compatible? Why or why not?

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    I have had good friends in every sign of the zodiac, and fun dates with every sign of the zodiac. I have also had people be mean, rude and inconsiderate to me, and others whom I just didn't likeat all (for no particular reason) from every sign in the zodiac.

    If you read something that says Aquarius goes with Libra, but doesn't get along at all with Capricorn or Cancer, how on earth can that be meaningful when you find out that while you're an Aquarius, your moon is in Cancer and you have Capricorn rising? Suddenly, Cancer and Capricorn are two signs that figure prominently in making you who you are, so other people who have these signs prominent in their chart may be the best friends you'll ever have!

    There's much more to astrology than shoving people into 12 strictly defined boxes.

    There are 9 planets, not just one.

    Therefore, instead of 12 possibilities, there are 282,429,536,481 possibilities. (9^12)

    These 282,429,536,481 possibilities are then brought to full color when you add the meaning of house placement and inter-planetary aspects specific to each individual person.

    So when we look at those odds, the significance of your sun sign is suddenly less than your chances of winning the power ball lottery.

    Source(s): You're asking a question about "synastry." Do a websearch and see what you can find using synastry and astrology... Here's a good place: The reason people say Aquarius and Libra get along is because the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Libra are technically 120 degrees apart; it is an aspect known as a trine. The people who like to pretend your sun sign is enough to know you will say that you get along with signs that are either 60 degrees apart (aspect=sextile) or 120 degrees apart. Someone else was asking about using astrology to find a mate, and here's what I said there:;_ylt=AkpYt... There is so much more to astrology than the sun sign. You can go to any of these sights and find out where the rest of the planets are in your chart--if you know the time of day and place you were born, you can find not just the sun and planets, also where the moon, the ascendant and the houses come together in your chart (and if you get the info on the guy, him too!)
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    Like Dechovka said, Astrology has been a great help for me to understand myself and why I do what I do , I know there is free will involved and it is not an excuse or reason for something I have done but still I got to know I am more prone to certain things in this life.It also help me aware of my weakness and potential pitfalls and also my strengths so I can make good use of them. Astrology also helps me understand others better and how to relate to them . I am spiritual in a sense that I do follow some buddha teachings. Maybe I dont follow them full on now, but still I try to seek contentment in myself. I am also trying to understand that certain things in life do not appear as they are, most of the time, I seek for the true meaning behind everything people say or do or how things happen/turn out the way they do . I also believe in a higher being ( not neccessarily The God that we know about - man, this one is one irritated god - my way or the hight way road ) , this higher being for me is nature and karma. I believe there are things that we can not explain or take a hold. This higher being is universal and us , as individual human being , is wired or connected to each other this way. I believe in the union of the souls. I feel that we have many lives , when this life ends, we will continue to live another one, completely physically separated of this life, but the soul is still the same but lay dormat/sub-concious and if we are lucky, sometimes we may have a moment where we know we " have been there before " So in a way , spirituality and astrology is connected as everything else in the universe. In this case, the nodes have their role and also the moon and neptune , the 12th house....if we are able to full understand the 12th house and its planets placements....I think maybe we could take a peek into our own spirituality.

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  • Aqua and Libra

    This is a sassy, exciting pairing of two similar souls, sure to be a hit. You both enjoy lots of social activity, and neither would expect the other to wait at home in the traditional sense. In fact, ordering dinner in several times a week will be the only way to handle the busy schedule you both lead! Your coupling is thoroughly modern.

    But even the best relationship demands that the partners accommodate each other. In your case, be mindful that Libras care about social acceptance, while you don't give a fig about it. Ruled by idiosyncratic Uranus, Aquarius' job in life is to press forward and to make all kinds of new discoveries. In doing so, you will run up against the Establishment at times. This frightens Libra, for this Venus-ruled sign's job is to bring opposing forces together. They want to be popular and will go out of their way to bring harmony to relationships. You can see how your roles differ; in many ways, Aquarius is a sign of extremes. Libra's friends are likely to be in the arts, yours in the sciences; nevertheless, your friends mix well. And Libras entertain beautifully, so your parties would be much-talked-about affairs!

    Libras like to be married, but Aquarius like space and freedom; commitment doesn't come quickly or easily. Sexually, you link up in a heavenly way, with plenty of fun, wit and experimentation. You will enjoy Libra's use of perfume or cologne (female or male, this sign is a fragrance wizard) and their refined, cultured personal style. Libra takes good care of their physical appearance well into old age. Your Libra will enjoy your quixotic and playful approach to sex.

    Your Libra is the romantic of the two of you, so let him or her take the lead for some starlit evenings. Physically, you are on the same plane, but you aren't as emotional as a Scorpio, a Pisces, or a Cancer. However, your Sun sign lights up Libra's house of true love, so the bond remains very strong here, even though to the outside world you may appear to have a cool, detached, and analytical relationship. Your Libra lights up your house of deep philosophical thought and distant travel.

    This match gets a four-star rating. If things go wrong, it isn't because you aren't suited to one another. Both of you are air signs -- like-elements get along great together. In your case, you both know how to communicate clearly, objectively, and you share an overriding quest for truth. You will have a rich, busy, and noisy life together. Sounds like fun!

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    Generally, yes, they are quite compatible.

    You have similarities as well as differences...

    Libras are usually easy-going, but hyper and like to party because they are full of energy and life, and don't like to be tied down, even if by someone they love or once loved. The majority of them love to be stimulated mentally and can carry on conversation like a fish knows its way around water. When pushed out of their comfort zones, they can become moody, angry and unstable mentally, so be careful.

    Usually though, they are very judgmental, harmonious, and "easy-breezy" personalities.

    Aquarians are usually rather intelligent and find themselves gravitating towards originality and are very inventive creatures. They also, like Librans can handle the social scene rather well. But sometimes they need their time to be away from the crowd. Many of them can easily detach themselves emotionally from situations and look at things logically.

    Many Aquarians are humanitarians, and will be deeply hurt to see someone in dire need of their help. Their hearts usually belong to humanity. They also like to be stimulated with deep and meaningful discussions.

    That's about it!

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    they are very compatable !!! you are both air signs so you will be on the same mental level . butb these are only your sun signs you should go to and find all your other planets ..... and as far as astrology ..think of it as a guide to your personalaity . its not telling you who you are its your potential !! get it ???

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    Check this out, it explain about Libra/aqurius compatibilty,

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