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Truck almost stalls when I come to a stop?

Every time I come to a stop or start my truck in the frigid cold (in the negatives for it to do it), it shakes and spudders like it's about to stall out on me. I usually have to give it some gas to prevent it from dying.

I don't know whether it could be a clogged fuel filter, bad fuel injector, water in the lines, clogged air filter...etc...

PS: I have a 98 Ford Explorer Sport

Any help would be great, so I know what I need to get to fix this problem!


It does this mostly when it's warmed up and has been running for awhile, it's just occasionally when it does it in the cold, like this past week it was -8 degrees, so it was a bit sluggish to turn over. When I come to a light, stop sign, etc, It'll spudder like it'll stall out until I give it some gas or let off the brake; both stops it.

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    idle air control could be bad? on my car when it drops into like the teens my car did that for a while, it would die unless i revved it til the engine ran for like a minute.. the idle air control sensor takes the air in and determines how much gas needs to be given to keep it running depending on how cold it is, the colder it is, the more gas needed til the engine is warm. this could be a good place to start.

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    Sounds like a few things; "Fuel Conditioner" will help if there is Water in the Tank and/or Lines from Contention, Add in any Case. Check for Vacuum Leaks-Happens more in Temps. Below 0, Throttle Body needs to be Cleaned & Adjusted, Idle RPM should 700 to 800. Go to a Lighter Engine Oil in Sub-Zero weather

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    i assume this truck has an automatic transmission? if so, i would say this is a transmission problem. Specifically the Torque Converter Lockup Solenoid. if this part goes out the vehicle will try to die when coming to a stop, particularly when the trans is hot because the torque converter is not unlocking(its like coming to a stop with a manual transmission and forgetting to push in the clutch)

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    Sounds like condensation in the gas. Fill it up and it'll run off the water faster.

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    does it do this after you warmed it up? I think its the gas that might be freezing on you... thats just insanely cold. make sure you warm up the engine good, seems normal to me for that kind of temp.

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    Try gas line antifreeze or methyl hydrate

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