Do these groups represent Men Rights Activists, or are they just radicals? Who does speak for MRA's?

Many of the Men's Rights Activist (MRA) groups are new groups and some of them are quite radical. There are radicals in every movement, MRA's are no exception, so what do MRA's and feminists, non-feminists, and anti-feminists think of MRA's such as these? Are they representatives of MRA's or radicals?:

Feminists are told by anti-feminists, non-feminists and MRA's to denounce the radical feminists. How do MRA's propose to do the same for their movement? How can we tell who represents MRA's or are just radicals?


Some of the web sites I listed I'd been to many times, so I knew their basic intent and message. Others I found by linking to dozens of MRA web sites and saw them mentioned a number of times; I just looked at their web name and a bit about the organization and put them in this list. I think some are radical, not because they are promoting fairness for men, but because some are hostile towards women, others are hostile towards feminists, assuming that all women and/or all feminists are alike.

I see in this forum many references to feminist radicals, and some were and are-they didn't think highly of men. I see a lot of demands that feminists should "do" something about these radicals. I thought I'd see just what MRA's think should be done with people who say they are MRA's and dislike women. I think there's a difference between promoting fairness, and disliking/hating women.

It's early days. Hopefully MRA's will calm down and realize not everyone is their enemy.

Update 2:

Thank you for so many reasonable discussions of the issues of MRA's. That is part of the question, who are MRA's and who speaks for MRA's. But you're missing the intent of the question, which is, what do you do when people who dislike/hate others also say they are MRA's and get the attention of the media and the public?

Feminists are often asked to "do" something about radical feminists, and I'm wondering, just what can MRA's and feminists do about angry radicals who say they represent us?

I was hoping MRA's would see we (MRA's and feminists) share a common issue, and was hoping for ideas for dealing with people who harm your movement more than helping it.

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    Paul P is right on! Nice of the asker to list mainly the extremeist sites.Try for a more moderate view. Try also where I post. We aren't allowed to bash the female gender; just gender feminists and whatever bimbo killed her kids, or blew her husband away, in the back, with a shotgun, while he was sleeping or the woman that chatted up a 16 year old in Austrailia over the internet, deserted her husband and three year-old to move to Austrailia, and moved her new lover to Calif whewn he was 18. No charges at all for her. She's free as a bird.

    We hear many many times, an MRA must've had a lousy mother, or they're just mad because they can't get laid, or they're just p'd-off deadbeat dads. Look at the pictures of those so-called deadbeats next time you're in the post office. Not one of them looks like they have two nickels to rub together. Every once in a blue moon you might see a doctor or lawyer on that list. Not often.

    Many of us came from the Democrat Party; pushed out by feminists who called themselves oppressed by something called the Patriarchy. If said Patriarchy ever existed, I never got my membership card, nor have I been invited to any meetings.

    To put it simply, we want the same equality you want. We want equal sentencing laws. We want jail time for women who falsely accuse a man of rape, or other sex crimes. Last week an 11 year old Baltimore girl accused a construction worker of attacking her at her school. Video cameras said she lied, she admitted she lied The resulting storm was not about the poor guy who almost went to prison, but instead was about protecting school kids from the evil construction workers! Also false accusations of domestic violence. We want a presumption for joint custody in divorce where neither parent has been convicted of a type of crime harmful to children. We have the same reasons to avoid parenthood as women; finances, career, education, or not emotionally ready. Forget any thought about men not having a womb. Women lack upper body strength but gov't has kindly given them "paper" muscles through the EEOC. Gov't can give men a "paper" womb to make them equal in reproductive choices. And in case you're too old fashioned to buy that, consider that abortion is not the only choice for women. After a child is born, ANY female can stroll up to a hospital and legally abandon the kid. Not men. Then, there's EZ adoption provided to women, where the adoption service must pay lip-service to the father by searching a little known state registry called the Putative Father Registry. Ever hear of it? I wouldn't think so. No state advertises it. It's one of the best kept gov't secrets since the Manhattan Project and deprives fathers of the right to their children.

    Yes, why can't we all just get along? Because gender feminism has made enemies of us. We don't hate women. We hate unjust laws. We hate lying studies by lying feminists that are picked up as gospel by gov't and courts. False studies that have no peer review and are used to deprive men of their Liberty and their Rights.

    Yes, women have their gripes also, but they have NOW, NARAL, feminist judges and legislatures,and the feminist, leftist mainstream media.

    I could go on all day; don't get me started.

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    Glenn Sacks Has Stated That The Men's Movement "Has A Not-Insubstantial Lunatic Fringe." Apparently He Is A Respected Authority I Believe Most Of The Fringe Can Be Found On This Board

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    Lol, I love these little things. I love how the author of the question thinly disguises her intent. She's making it seem as if she is asking a reasonable question. Truth is, she already knows the answer (in her mind) and is seeking to get others to gang up on these sites. I would say after reading the responses, she has pretty much failed miserably. I also notice that out of hundreds of of MRA sites, she chooses to list only the most passionate and strongly opinionated ones. Pathetic. I have always said that in the end, feminism hurts Woman the most. Why? Because it sells women a product it cannot deliver...happiness. In fact, most feminist wind up just the opposite. It's a sick and dangerous cult of lies with the intent of total Socialist control. Ladies, you have been warned.

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    MRA means Men’s Rights Activist = a person (might be a man, might be a woman), who cares about Men’s Rights.

    This question about MRA in YahooAnswers is filed under ‘Gender & Women's Studies’ and I wonder, why not under ‘Gender & Men's Studies’. Maybe Men’s Studies do not exist and may I ask, why not?

    Yes, men might be victims too and they should have the right to complain – however it seems, they do not have such a right.

    MRA’s are sometimes accused to be ‘women-haters’, but to reject unreasonable feminist demands does not mean to hate all women. These are clearly two different matters and they should not be mixed up.

    What about literature written by leading feminists, which are full of men-hating slogans? Nobody says a word about it.

    Why is this website radical? A man wrongly accused by a woman is sharing his opinion and recommends video and voice-recording for protection as evidence in case of troubles.

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    For the record: The term 'MRA' is simply a blanket descriptor. A broad umbrella term for anybody who believes that male citizens are entitled to certain basic human rights.

    Anybody can claim to be an 'MRA'. I repeat, anybody. Tall, short - fat, skinny - good, bad - smart, stupid. And so on.

    I repeat: MRA is only a broad umbrella word, and I would caution anybody against making too much out of it , or too little. Anybody who speaks passionately in favor of 'men's rights' can CLAIM to be a so-called MRA - and the term would be literally accurate by definition. It doesn't matter whether the person is loveable or unloveable, moral or immoral - if he speaks passionately in favor of men's rights, then he fits the literal definition of an MRA.

    Those who disagree that men are entitled to certain basic human rights, would oppose the MRA concept.

    As for the word 'radical', this refers to any person who is willing to address the root of the problem in his analysis and his proposed solutions. (Radical: from the Latin 'radix' = root)

    The phrase "just radicals" is dismissive. It implies that the speaker has no wish to address the root of the problem, and harbors a fear of those who do. It also suggests moral superficiality and lack of deep structural insight into the nature of the crisis.

    When the situation itself is radical, there is no merit to policies or points of view which fail to take the root of the problem into account.. In such a setting, anything less than radicalism becomes a form of living in la-la land.

    I thank the original poster for including my blog address at the very top of the link list. I am honored.

    The discussion points which have been raised on this thread are important. In the next few weeks I will be posting some articles on my blog which address these points and various related matters.

    Stay tuned.

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    Our site as far as I know focuses on the terrible women that roam the USA, we don't like awful women and we write about that. We write about the awful things that bad women do. It wouldn't be much fun or entertaining writing about the good things, would it? Then we would have to call our site getmarriednow(dot)com. I don't believe we say ever that ALL American women are rotten. Our site is aimed for men who are married and miserable. That is why it's called We want those doormats of men to get some cajones and leave their ball and chains. We want them to be happy again. Maybe it is marrying again but to someone else? Our site shows them the type of women to avoid. what's wrong with that?

    You have to admit that many women in the USA here have some problems . Women are not the same world over. Asian women, latin women etc. But somehow, Western American women empowered by their feminist movement do not see the damage they have done to men, in order to get their equal share. That movement has created the very men they despise. It's taken strong bread winners, family oriented men and reduced them to p*ssys. Afraid of their wives and afraid of losing their kids if they divorce in a BS system that favors the women everytime in family court.

    We focus on those problematic women, so our brothers can have a heads up and go back acting like men again. Many women have chastized men long enough. Many women here in the USA think men are fools. Idiots for them to tramp on. We say no more. The word is out on those women that want to use men for money, that falsely accuse men of terrible things (Duke LaCrosse case) and are basically ungrateful to all the things men have done for them over the years. Now if you are one of those terrible women, then you will have problems with the men on our website. If you are not one fo those women, then maybe you can help change the perceptions that face you. Do this by voicing your opinions intelligently, and try to refrain from insults. Come join the women WHO GET IT! See the link below.

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    My site,, advocates the use of surveillance to debunk false allegations. It appeals to innocent men who are at risk of being falsely accused -- men who need to exit an abusive relationship smoothly without being driven away by bogus restraining orders and false charges. My site does not attempt to paint all women in a negative light, but rather only points out that all women have enormous power to accuse a man without any evidence, and with total impunity if their false charges are exposed. If a man is being falsely accused, why would you hold it against him if he proved his innocence with recorded footage? Again, the point is not to constantly put oneself and one's family under self-imposed surveillance, but rather to give such men a smooth and peaceful exit from an abusive relationship. I believe that false allegations are routinely used as a divorce tactic, and so does any defense attorney.

    I don't think that my site deserves to be designated as radical, or grouped in with truly women-hating sites (such as

    Source(s): -- I'm the creator of this site
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    "Radical" ==> doesn't support feminist misandry.

    There are many Men's advocates today. The Internet has stopped the feminazi PC censorship of non-feminist speech. Back before the Internet the only speech allowed was feminist hate and prejudice against men. Today that is changing. Despite millions of feminist schoolmarms teaching feminist hate and over 700 colleges and universities in the US teaching feminist hate as a tax sponsored department, many men are learning that hate is hate is hate, and being a 2nd class citizen is not acceptable to men.

    I haven't read all those web sites yet, but I've visited many men's activist sites. Most men's activists are busy with the process of educating the millions of men who have been raised by feminist schools and colleges and are struggling to learn that feminist hate is not the only way of thinking. They are not "radical." They are manly. Deal with it.


    Catch more of The World According to Bob at;

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    Well, very good question ~ it's easy to get the idea that the hateful stuff said about women on this and other sites is representative. But is it?

    Here in Australia, a Family Court judge was killed by a man claiming he was done of his rights ~ yet what sane person would give custody to someone so full of anger and rage that he would behave in such a way?

    His behaviour and that of vocal men's groups who stand in front of the homes where their ex-wives and children live and shout obscentities are the face of MRA here in Australia, and for every sad tosser they attract, they alienate many more ~ the reasonable people.

    There are many decent men who are fighting for the rights of men, women and children in our society, who refuse to be associated with the tag 'MRA' due to the violence and hatefulness they see being spread by certain sectors of the 'movement'. I am only now discovering this as I speak to people about MRA. Others see these extreme types as simply wanting a return to the 'good old days'.

    What a shame that something with the power to be so uplifting of people, and uniting, should be so disturbing and negative.

    Cheers :-)

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    Yes, but not only that, they are whack-jobs as well.

    These men on these sites claim they are fighting Feminism, pure and utter bs.

    Hang around there for long enough and anyone with half a brain can see that they are truly against ALL women.

    Bright sparks they are for becoming what they hated in the first place.

    Misogyny at it's absolute finest men.

    Let the thumbs down roll in. :)

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