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blah asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 1 decade ago

how can i find out what planet is the ruler of my birth chart?

also how can i tell if my moon, ascendant, or sun sign is stronger between these three


ok this is my chart, can anyone just tell me what is my ruler planet?

Sun Scorpio 9.13 Ascendant Cancer 25.26

Moon Virgo 15.58 II Leo 13.11

Mercury Scorpio 26.44 III Virgo 4.42

Venus Virgo 22.42 IV Libra 3.16

Mars Scorpio 11.10 V Scorpio 11.03

Jupiter Virgo 9.38 VI Sagittarius 21.57

Saturn Aquarius 0.51 VII Capricorn 25.26

Uranus Capricorn 10.38 VIII Aquarius 13.11

Neptune Capricorn 14.22 IX Pisces 4.42

Pluto Scorpio 19.53 Midheaven Aries 3.16

Lilith Capricorn 21.07 XI Taurus 11.03

Asc node Capricorn 11.43 XII Gemini 21.57

Update 2:

thanks chris :) but how did you know that...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are different rulers of each chart, but usually when modern astrologers talk about the ruler of the chart they are referring to the planet that rules the rising sign.

    So, for you, with your ascendant in Cancer, the Moon would be the ruler of your chart, since the Moon is the ruler of Cancer. If your ascendant was in Leo then the Sun would be the ruler of the chart, and so on.

    I suspect that your Moon sign would be the strongest of the three, since your Moon is the ruler of the ascendant and it is a night chart, although your Scorpio stellium still leaves a very strong imprint on the chart.

    Happy birthday by the way.

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  • Margot
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    4 years ago

    1. Rulers: Aquarius Saturn, Scorpio Pluto 2. Exalted: NONE 3. Detriment: Sagittarius Mercury 4. Fall: Cancer Mars, Capricorn Neptune

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Technically, I believe you have to see which planet is eventually ruled by itself and not by another planet.

    For example: you have sun in virgo, which is ruled by mercury. Mercury is in libra, which is ruled by venus. Venus is in scorpio, which is ruled by pluto. Pluto is also in scorpio, which means that pltuo is ruled by itself and at the top of the chain.

    Problem is with anyone born between 1984 and 1996, they will have pluto as their co-ruler no matter what, and I consider that somewhat of a weakness in that system.

    I generally go by what I see. For example, according to the above system, Pluto is my ruling planet. Yet pluto is, first of all, not even a planet anymore and it exerts very little influence in my chart. The biggest influence in my chart is where most of the activity is. Which is my 1st house and Sagittarius, with 4 planets in them, and between the planets there (and the moon, which opposes in the 7th house and Gemini), most of the activity in my chart. Also when you look at my personality and behaviour you'll see a clear 1st house influence, even over the Sagittarius influence. I'm very impulsive and hardly think before I say anything. Typical Aries behaviour.

    Technically speaking, Pluto is your biggest ruler, but both Saturn and Uranus are in mutual reception and only ruled by one another, and also Neptune is ruled by Saturn ultimately. So it's Pluto, Uranus and Saturn

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  • 1 decade ago

    The sun is the king of planets I would go with that one.

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