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Foreskin restoration, please help?

I'm really interested in restoring it to how it was meant to be, but I'm not sure which methods to begin with. Between manual tugging, t-tape and products like the tlc tugger, what would you recommend for beginners? Also, I haven't fully developed yet so should I wait a couple years to prevent damage? Please help, thanks.

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    Hi Tenebrae: Not very helpful responses so far. Let's see if I can do better.

    While I don't want to give the lot much credit, I will agree the natural foreskin can never be restored, but what can be restored will be far better than living out your life without a foreskin of any kind.

    If the circumcised lot want to roll over on their back and accept what was done to them in a most cruel and brutal fashion,...forever robbing them of any idea of normal sex, let's leave them be.

    You obviously have done enough research to understand the process is worth every second of time and every bit of effort.

    I have been restoring for over five years,and helping others restore for almost that long. I can call myself a finished restorer, but I still continue to tug just for the little bit of extra length. Let me assure it, it is not a big piece of skin hanging over the end. It is very much alive, and has its own nerve endings,...leaving me with sensation in places where before, I did not have places.

    I have attached some information links below, may have seen some, and some might be new. It is worth looking through them because there is so much information to take in at the start.

    As far as devices, one is consistently better than the other. I have a variety of devices to rotate through over the week. This kept my restoration interesting because I could wake up each day and think "What will I wear today?" When your restoring becomes mundane, it becomes a chore, and you will stop. We need to find ways to keep it interesting for you.

    The other big thing is I wear my device to work, around the house, visiting friends, riding, running, skiing,....everywhere. My restoration takes place in the background of my life. It does not inhibit me from doing any of the things I enjoy doing. It took me a little while of experimenting to get it like that, it is important we work on finding you a way to make your restoration fit into your life.

    You can experiment with devices,...if you have the money to purchase commercial ones, or you can make your own.

    I have a photo/file of how to make a simple, but effective foreskin restoration device from a plastic kitchen funnel. I make this file freely available to anyone who asks.

    You can make it in the privacy of your own bedroom for less than five dollars,....including a roll of medical grade tape.

    I ask my new restorers to open up an e-mail address that does not reveal their name, and use that for restoration purposes. You can keep it separate from your regular e-mail.

    I don't think there is much of an age restriction on restoring....if you are in your teenage years, or your 60's, is still possible to restore. All it takes is time and dedication.

    You will have more questions, and I encourage you to ask. Please feel free to write to me through the e-mail icon on my profile page and I will be glad to work with you.

    I will also star this question so some other restorers will see it, and give you better answers that what you had so far.

    Hope this helped.


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    I've been restoring my foreskin for more than 14 months, and it's wonderful!! Sensitivity has increased, orgasms are more intense than I ever believed possible. Circumcised men have been cheated out of the best sexual experiences. Circumcision destroys more than 50% of sexual sensitivity at best (in my case it was more) and only benefits the doctors' bank accounts and religious groups that want to mutilate all men. Restoration if done carelessly and to excess (like anything else) can damage the penis. It wouldn't be necessary if circumcision hadn't maimed and mutilated the penis in the first place. Get this, everybody: Sex uncircumcised is a 10 Sex circumcised 3 Sex restored 7 On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most intensely pleasureable. American men have been cheated and lied to. Doctors NEVER disclose all the negative consequences of male genital mutilation. There are also psychological consequences ranging from anger and rage to depression and thoughts of betrayal as a result of being mutilated! Restoration is only partial. It won't restore the nerve endings that were cut off with the foreskin, but it will make the remaining tissues much more sensitive and can give a natural, normal appearance instead of the butchered, scarred look of mutilation. Restoration is wonderful. I would die before giving up my second foreskin. Circumcision is UNNATURAL Only perverts want to mutilate male genitals.

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    It is recommended that you wait until you are fully developed before starting this.

    It is a very time consuming task - taking at least two years before you will be able to tell a noticeable difference - and it still will NOT restore nerve endings that have been severed.

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    Foreskin is a highly specialized skin, like eyelid skin...very thin, very flexible. It is not like ordinary sking, and it is very very thin. IF you stretch your normal skin down over the head of your penis, the effect will not be the same, no matter who tells you what. YOU will have a big hunk of stretched skin hanging over your dick...not foreskin. And it will look wierd. I would stop worrying about things like this and get on with getting good sex.

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    Nothing, for even if you restore the foreskin, it is never really the same

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    I agree with the first poster

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    Why would you want to make your dick to look gross and be smelly? Count your blessings that you are cut!

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