How can I talk my gf into getting an abortion?

she's 6 weeks pregnant. i've told her a couple times that i don't feel like having a kid right now, but she just cries and says she doesn't want to get an abortion. is there any way i can talk some sense into her? i feel like being a dad would really screw up my life. help please!
Update: thx for the answers, but I'm the man and I feel that it's at least 50% my decision, maybe even more.
Update 2: @ gsgf34: I'm 24, so i'm plenty old and mature enough. she's only 17 so i think that's why she's having a difficult time realizing that abortion is the right thing to do.
Update 3: @ Melissa <3: she told me she was on the pill. i think that alone was very dishonest on her part and she should HAVE to get an abortion. sometimes I think she TRIED to get pregnant. this is such a stressful situation for me.

And I find condoms uncomfortable.
Update 4: the age of consent in my state is 16, geniuses.
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